Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 4th June 2023 episode starts with Sahiba bashing Angad for manipulating her family behind her back.

Santosh scolds Sahiba for going against Angad every time be it with Seerat’s matter or the loan.

Ajeet asks Sahiba to calm down as he has not accepted the cheque offered by Angad.

Angad tells everyone that Sahiba goes all against him without even considering his views.

Further, Angad tells Sahiba that he asked her to behave nicely in front of others but she is unable to understand anything that he suggests.

Ajeet tells Angad that they cannot accept his money as he is their son-in-law.

However, Sahiba tells Angad that her family’s self-respect is bigger than his financial status asking Ajeet and Santosh to trust her as she will burn the midnight oil to arrange the money.

Sahiba tells Ajeet that she has started going to the shop leaving Angad shocked.

Angad tells Sahiba to not go against Daarji while Keerat interrupts him and questions Daarji’s call.

Sahiba mocks Angad for going against her will to help her family out and tears the cheque into bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, Seerat walks into the kitchen apprehensively to make Suji Ka Halwa for her first rasoi.

In the hall, Jasleen tells everyone that Seerat is already in the kitchen to cook for the first rasoi ritual.

Just then, Seerat walks into the hall with the Halwa and serves it to everyone.

The family excitedly eats the Halwa and tells Seerat that the halwa could have been cooked better.

Hanraj and Jasleen mock Sahiba and taunt Manveer for her behaviour with Sahiba.

However, Jasleen tells everyone that Seerat knows her place in the Brar family.

Garry joins the family in the hall and eats the halwa made by Seerat.

He mocks Seerat making weird expressions after having the bite and tells that Seerat has cooked keeping his taste in mind.

Further, Hansraj comments on Angad and Sahiba’s absence and Seerat tells everyone that Sahiba has gone to Mongas as Angad visited her family without informing them.

Just then, Angad and Sahiba return to Brar Mansion leaving Manveer furious.

Daarji asks Angad the reason for his visit to Monga’s early in the morning.

Angad trying to cover up tells Daarji that Sahiba’s family had certain problems and he visited them to solve them.

On Manveer’s insistence, Sahiba tells the family that their house has been kept under the mortgage and complains about Angad’s help.

Daarji scolds Sahiba for complaining about Angad despite thanking him.

Japjyot tells Sahiba that Daarji has ordered her to not work outside the Brar Mansion.

However, Sahiba hesitantly tells everyone that she will work against the family’s will.

Daarji standing from his seat making everyone nervous tells Sahiba that women make the house and do not work out ruining the family name.

Sahiba tells Daarji that she is just not the daughter-in-law but also his father’s daughter.

Manveer tells Sahiba to stop acting stubborn and accept Angad’s help and put her family at risk.

Sahiba stuck on her decision, tells Manveer that Angad is just helping her out to save his family name and snatching her identity.

She, further, tells Manveer that a woman is much more than just her relations.

However, Veer defends Sahiba and supports her in fighting for herself.

Seerat tells Sahiba to act maturely and appreciate Angad for his help.

Jasleen on finding another opportunity comments that Seerat is much better than Sahiba.

However, Daarji tells Sahiba that he has a solution to his problem and makes everyone curious.

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