Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 4th March 2023 episode starts with Sahiba asking Santosh to stop uttering any more words now since their family reputation is ruined.

Santosh tells Sahiba that if she does not get married to Angad today, Sahiba’s reputation will be ruined completely, and no one will ever marry her.

Santosh even begs Manveer, Jasleen, and Rabjyot to ask Angad to marry Sahiba to save her reputation while Sahiba looks like she will pull her hair due to frustration.

Manveer questions Santosh about how she has the audacity to ask her to request Angad to marry Sahiba even after everything they have done to Angad.

Rabjyot comments that Santosh is trying to rub coal as a Kajal in their eyes while Inder announces that there is a difference between Coal and Kajal.

Inder further says that he will never let Angad marry such a fraudster which causes Santosh to stumble on her feet as the feeling of despair grips her slowly.

Seeing Santosh’s situation, Sahiba rushes to her to make Santosh sit in the chair and she orders Santosh to not plead with the Brar family any longer.

Santosh tells Sahiba that if today she does not get married to Angad, then she will never be able to show her face to anyone again.

Sahiba informs Santosh that she does not want to marry Angad since she has her own dreams and no one will question her anymore about the marriage.

Feeling irritated, Angad orders Sahiba to stop this nonsense as he does not want to hear this emotional drama.

He then snatches the phone from Santosh's hand to order Sahiba to call the police herself since she is such a goddess of truth.

As Angad announces that the whole Monga family will be deprived in jail for sunlight, Tayiji taps on his back.

She informs Angad that she is the head of the Monga family and she accepts that they have done very bad to him.

While Angad looks pissed, Tayiji mentions that she believes Rabb (God) has joined Sahiba's thread with Angad's thread.

She reveals how Sahiba always did the wedding ritual first and then Seerat, so she is sure that Angad should marry Sahiba.

However, Angad refuses the request, saying that Tayji is still a part of the Monga family so that means she is also a part of this plan.

He starts yelling that he will make sure the Monga family rots in jail but Daar Ji aka Akal Singh Brar orders him to calm down.

Akal then orders everyone to stand still while he discusses things with Angad for some time.

As Daar Ji drags Angad away, everyone gets confused but stands still.

Once they are alone, Daar Ji tells Angad that everyone will throw mud at them if Angad does not marry Sahiba since Sahiba exposed herself.

He even says that if Angad marries Sahiba, then no one will gossip about them since a narrative about them saving a poor girl will get set.

Daar Ji's words make Angad recall Seerat's smiling face for a bit with unshed tears and when he arrives at the mandap, he announces that he will marry Sahiba.

Inder accuses Daar Ji of treating everyone like a doll whereas Manveer claims that Angad can never choose to marry to someone like Sahiba.

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