Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 5th March 2023 episode starts with Angad announcing that he will not change his mind again and that he is ready to marry Sahiba Kaur Monga.

Finding determination in Angad’s eyes, Inder tells him that he knows Angad will not change his mind but he cannot watch his son destroying his own life.

Inder even accuses Daarji of ruining Angad’s life just like he ruined Inder’s life a long time ago while Daarji remains silent.

Meanwhile, Manveer takes Angad’s hand to stand in front of Sahiba, and as Angad gazes at Sahiba angrily, Manveer questions if he really wants to marry Sahiba.

Manveer says that Angad is not in the right state of his mind so he does not what he is doing while Angad's face remains stone cold.

Noticing the pensive look on the faces of the Monga family, Manveer announces that they will go home and will let the Monga family go home too without calling the police.

He announces that he does not want any more discussion as he has already decided he will marry Sahiba while he maintains his gaze on Daarji.

When he picks up the long cloth for the ritual, Sahiba angrily states that she will not marry him which shocks everyone.

Tayji then takes Sahiba aside to talk to her while the rest of the Monga family follows them.

Afterward, Tayji informs Sahiba that if a girl remains unmarried even after walking the aisle, then no man will ever want to marry her.

In reply, Sahiba says that she will tolerate all the taunts but she will not sacrifice her dream with tears in her eyes.

Sahiba says that she will become a big artist so their problems will be resolved soon.

As she says that she wants to fulfill her family's wishes, Ajeet puts his hand on her shoulder to make her understand that she has to do it for Keerat's future.

Ajeet makes Sahiba understand that the family's reputation lies on Sahiba's shoulders so she needs to marry Angad to which Sahiba questions Ajeet about what will happen to her dreams.

Sahiba even says that this wedding will suffocate her dreams but Ajeet announces that God is taking Sahiba's test only.

Ajeet also tells Sahiba to not give up on her dreams as he is sure Sahiba will be able to fulfill them while Daarji listens to the conversation from a distance.

Daarji then questions Sahiba if she is ready for the marriage and Sahiba nods her head for the sake of her family's dignity.

Afterward, when Sahiba, Daarji, and the Monga family arrive back at the wedding venue, Japjyot tries to question Daarji about what he is thinking but Daarji orders everyone to stay silent.

He announces that now there will be no more delay and Angad and Sahiba's wedding will begin.

Later, Sahiba and Angad circle with poker faces while Angad imagines Seerat's presence which brings a smile to his face whereas Sahiba feels this is the end of her dreams.

Once the wedding is done, Tayji orders Sahiba to throw some rice in Santosh's dupatta which she has spread like a net to collect it.

As Sahiba is about to throw, she notices her bangles has tangled with each other but when Tayji requests Angad to help Sahiba, Angad walks away.

Keerat comes to help Sahiba and she bids farewell to her family.

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