Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 6th February 2023 episode starts with Seerat seeing Santosh and Sudha talking and thinking that they will get her married to Angad soon.

Seerat thinks that if she tells them about Garry, Santosh will beat her to death and thinks to escape without their knowledge.

However, Santosh spots her and asks her where she is going.

Seerat lies that she was just looking around the beautiful mansion and tells her that the Brars are on their way to the mansion.

Santosh gets anxious about the arrangements while Seerat tells her that she needs to go to the parlor to touch up her face.

However, Santosh does not get fazed by Seerat's drama and makes her sit in her room while telling her that she has to ace today's exam.

Meanwhile, Sahiba clicks pictures of her art and posts them on her social media for online sales.

Kulche praises her for managing to do everything while Sahiba accidentally spills paint on her painting.

She thinks about the time she accidentally spilled paint on Angad and wonders why she is thinking about him.

Back at Sudha's mansion, the Brars have arrived and praise her house while Jasleen doubts if this is Santosh's house or not.

Angad wonders where Seerat is as he looms around the house.

Elsewhere, Seerat gets shocked seeing the glamour of the event and thinks that she can make reels for a whole year in there.

She looks at the expensive outfits the guests are wearing and then again looks at the saree she is wearing.

The spotlight falls on her and she gets shocked as some female ladies come to her for her autograph and selfies with her.

She asks them if they know her while the ladies reveal that Garry has sent her pictures to everyone as the chief guest of the event.

Back at the mansion, Manveer asks about Ajeet and Santosh goes to get him while she sees that he has not worn the designer outfit she picked out for him.

He tells Santosh that he won't be a part of her lie anymore and she annoyingly tells him to come outside as the Brars are waiting for him.

Meanwhile, at the event, Seerat gets shocked when the celebrity Anushka Sinha waves at her.

She pinches herself while Anushka comes there and tells her that Garry is her best friend and he has told her a lot about her.

Seerat gets excited at Anushka acknowledging her and takes a selfie with her.

Just then, the servant gives Seerat a bouquet and she asks about Garry.

He comes there just then and she excitedly asks him if he talked about her to Anushka.

Garry says that he only talks about the people he likes when the reporters come there to interview him.

Meanwhile, Jasleen thinks that Santosh only lives poorly while Ajeet also dresses poorly.

Manveer asks Ajeet about his company while Santosh again lies that he calls his company a tiny shop which is Seerat Enterprises.

Santosh distracts the Brar's and goes to fetch Seerat while she tells Ajeet to not speak a word and only listen to the Brar's.

However, she gets shocked as she realizes that Seerat is not inside her room.

She fights with Ajeet and makes him look for Seerat in another room.

She thinks to call Seerat but realizes that she forget her phone outside.

As a resort, Santosh breaks a vase and gets Sudha's attention who comes to the room.

Santosh reveals to Sudha that Seerat is not in her room and takes her phone to call Seerat.

Meanwhile, at the workshop, Kulche shows Sahiba the disfigured mugs he made and says that they are Angad and another spoiled arrogant kid of Brar's.

Just then, Sahiba gets a call from Santosh who informs her that Seerat has escaped.

The necklace Sahiba made represents her family falls as Santosh tells her to do something.

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