Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th July 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th July 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 7th July 2023 episode starts with a servant giving Sahiba a big parcel.

As Sahiba opens the big parcel, she gets surprised to find a bag, some sketchbooks, and a note and a small smile appears on Sahiba’s face when she reads the note.

The note is from Angad in which he has called Sahiba “Vanar Billi”, stating that he has stolen the name from Ajeet and that he will always be by her side in this new journey.

At the same time, Angad enters the room and gets stunned to find Sahiba reading his note yet he pretends not to care.

He gets a call from the lawyer who informs him that the judge has kept the hearing the next day only which is surprising as the judge generally does not prioritize hearings normally.

Hearing this, Angad gets happy but his face turns sour when Sahiba says that she hopes Daarji come out of jail soon.

Sahiba asks Angad to look into her eyes and admits that he believes she can call the police on Daarji.

Instead of obeying Sahiba’s order, Angad questions Sahiba if she would have believed him if the table were turned.

He further states that if there was a video of him calling the police on Ajeet then Sahiba would not show the same level of trust as now.

This answer makes Sahiba upset and she tries to make Angad understand that a lot of things have happened to her in this house yet she never called the police.

Angad angrily shouts that Sahiba should have sent him to jail for misbehaving with her in a drunken state when Sahiba explains that she has forgiven him for this.

He then goes to sleep with tears in his eyes whereas Sahiba stares at him with a distressed face.

On the other hand, Gary confesses to Jasleen that it was he who used Jazz to make it look like Sahiba is the one who called the police for domestic violence.

Jasleen scolds Gary for being stupid because he should have tried to enter the business instead of sending Daarji to jail.

When Gary reminds her smirkingly that now every one of his enemies is busy fighting among each other, Jasleen calms down a bit.

He also explains that he has played his game at the right time because Angad and Daarji are already in a feud due to Sahiba’s college graduation.

Jasleen reminds Gary about Sahiba’s promise of bringing the true culprit to light and that Sahiba has already defeated Gary once while Gary smirks as he is overconfident right now.

The next day, as Angad, Sahiba, Manveer, and Inder gather in the court for the hearing, the judge reveals that Sahiba also came to his house, begging him to let Daarji go.

The judge announces that Sahiba’s begging caused him to think about this situation deeply and he has come to the conclusion that they should give Daarjil bail since he is old.

He also orders the police to analyze the proofs more thoroughly before coming to any conclusion yet Daarji does not even look at Sahiba when he walks out of the court.

As soon as Akaal enters Brar's mansion, Japjyot comes running to him saying today she understood what separation feels like.

Daarji then lashes out at Sahiba by saying that he does not know why he thought Sahiba will be a perfect fit for Angad.

He states that she has proven that she cannot be a good daughter-in-law and he also accuses Angad of not listening to him.

At the same time, Inder brings the divorce papers, asking Angad to sign them so he can get free of this forceful relationship.

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