Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th April 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 8th April 2023 episode starts with Sahiba angrily stomping away from Angad when he stubbornly refuses to take help from her.

Holding Sahiba's wrist, Angad stops her from going away making Sahiba look at him with fiery eyes.

Meanwhile, Manveer and Hansraj wait for Seerat to tell them the address of the Monga family.

Assuming that she doesn't know the address, Hansraj persuades Manveer to ask someone else and at the same time, Seerat raises her arm too, indicating towards the house.

Manveer asks Hansraj to give Seerat some money to her which makes Seerat feel humiliated.

As Manveer and Hansraj go away, Seerat removes the veil of the quilt with which she was covering her face and blames Sahiba for ruining her life.

Seerat holds grudges against Sahiba for making her dress up like a waiter and now as a beggar.

Manveer enters the Monga House with a roar!

On the other hand, Angad requests Sahiba to massage the ointment on his back and secondly requests her to stay quiet while putting it.

Sahiba agrees to massage the ointment however when she realizes the situation and her hands stop in mid-air.

Angad mockingly brings her out of the reverie by commenting that a few minutes ago she was being desperate to massage and now she is frozen.

As Sahiba starts massaging his back, Santosh comes there with turmeric-flavored milk for Angad.

Meanwhile, Manveer barges inside the Monga house without any entry indications and shouts Angad's name.

Her eyes fall onto Angad sitting bare chest with Sahiba massaging his back which makes her eyes a clone of fireballs while Hansraj keeps putting fuel to the fire.

Sahiba comes out of the room and asks Manveer to sit down for which Manveer rudely dismisses Sahiba.

Manveer lashes at Santosh

Manveer says to Angad that she had warned him to not come here as she knew Sahiba will try to get close to him.

Angad who has come out of the room wearing a shirt asks Manveer to calm down while Sahiba also tells her that whatever she is assuming is incorrect.

Again, Manveer rudely shuts up Sahiba and asks her to stay away from Angad. 

On the other hand, Santosh begins her hospitality when Manveer insults her for acting again in from of them.

Ajeet and Keerat also come out of their rooms and listen to Hanraj and Manveer insulting their family.

Keerat loses her temper as she hears Manveer blaming Sahiba and her family for hurting Angad.

On the other hand, Seerat keeps calling Gary who keeps ignoring her calls. 

Seerat feels betrayed by Gary who has not even checked up on her since she left the guest house.

She owes to take revenge on Sahiba for causing problems in her life.

Angad goes back to Brar Mansion without Sahiba

Meanwhile, Manveer is non stoppingly trying to convince Angad that the Monga family is trying to hurt him as he tells her that Sahiba is not lying about his present situation.

Angad asks Manveer how she got to know about his condition to which Sahiba says that she informed her about it as he needed to see a doctor and was not letting them call one.

Sahiba asks Maveer to take Angad back home as it will be good for all of them while Santosh objects that saying she will take good care of Angad.

As Manveer starts taking Angad back home, he also objects saying he will stay the night here and asks her to go home and rest.

Hansraj reveals that Manveer hasn't eaten anything nor has she had water the whole day which makes Angad agree in the end to return to Brar mansion.

Santosh asks Sahiba to go back with Angad but Sahiba refuses to say that if Angad is choosing to side with his family, why she cannot.

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