Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 8th June 2023 episode starts with a frustrated Sahiba screaming at the shopkeepers to warn them to stop the disruption.

Otherwise she will call the police to get them arrested.

Just then, a shopkeeper lights up the shop with the lighter and rushes out while Sahiba tries to stop the fire with a rug.

Seeing the fire all over the shop, the shopkeepers run away to save themselves from getting caught.

Ajeet gets worried to see Sahiba inside the shop and tries to rush inside but Angad stops him in time and holds him.

In the shop, Sahiba gets heartbroken to see her shop turning into ashes after the fire.

Meanwhile, Surendra tells Angad that a few agitated shopkeepers disrupted the shop and into the fire.

Angad promises Ajeet to save Sahiba and jumps into the shop.

A lost Sahiba turns deaf to hear Angad scream but Angad rushes to her.

Sahiba tells him that everything has turned into ashes but he assures her that he will make everything right.

Angad pulls Sahiba close to save her from the fire and takes her into his arms to get her out but she accidentally drops Ajeet’s tools.

Although Angad tries to grab it but fails and walks out with Sahiba outside the shop.

Sahiba cries for Ajeet’s tool and Angad rushes back into the shop to get it back leaving Sahiba stunned.

Further, Sahiba follows Angad into the shop to stop him but Angad gets stuck in the shop amid the fire flames.

Just then, a pillar falls over Angad’s back and Sahiba takes Angad out while Ajeet thanks the almighty for saving his children.

Sahiba calls the ambulance but they ask her to wait for 20 minutes prompting her to ask Kulcha to get an auto quickly.

Sahiba takes an unconscious Angad to the hospital while Angad hands her over Ajeet’s tools.

She bashes Angad for jumping into the fire and tries keeping him awake holding his hand.

Sahiba tries talking to Angad and asks Kulcha to speed up the auto and they get stuck in the traffic but Kulcha saves the day using an ambulance’s siren.

In the meantime, Japjyot tries pacifying Manveer and Indar and just then Veer informs everyone about Angad’s accident.

The family rushes to the hospital to see Angad.

Elsewhere, Sahiba gets Angad into the hospital and gets worried to see Angad bleeding severely.

As Sahiba is about to lose her balance, Ajeet holds her back and Sahiba blames herself for putting Angad through the suffering.

Ajeet comforts Sahiba and asks her to have her faith in the Babaji.

Just then, Manveer along with the family reaches the hospital and asks Sahiba about Angad.

Sahiba informs them about the accident and blames herself for Angad’s condition.

Back at the house, Japjyot gets stressed and Hansraj and Gurleen calm her down while Jasleen tells Garry to stay back with the family to support them.

Jasleen pretending to be concerned asks Japjyot about Angad’s condition and Seerat tells the family that they should visit the hospital as well.

Seerat tries calling Sahiba while Hansraj adds fuel to the file taunting Sahiba and praising Seerat.

Jasleen walking to Garry appreciates Seerat being aware of her every move in front of the family.

She tells Garry to take advantage of the situation and prove himself better to everyone.

In the hospital, Manveer blames Sahiba while Akaal asks Manveer to behave and the family gets shocked to see Angad’s blood over Sahiba’s clothes.

Manveer gets unconscious knowing Angad’s pain and Indar rushes to hold her.

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