Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyaan 9th March 2023 episode starts with Sukhdeep asking Sahiba to let her do the cleaning.

Sahiba urges Sukhdeep to not get worried for her since she is used to doing the cleaning and she also does not want Sukhdeep to get scolded by everyone.

Meanwhile, Seerat finds it strange that Gary eats from a plate other than hers when he turns away from Seerat to eat the food.

Gary questions Seerat about what kind of five-star hotels she likes in Ludhiana to which Seerat replies that every five-star hotel is the same in Ludhiana for her.

She goes on to say that she likes the five-star hotels in London and Paris which irritate Gary but he does not show the irritation on his face.

Gary asks Seerat if her passport is ready as he wants to take Seerat abroad to fulfill the dream of their destination wedding.

Seerat makes up the excuse that she has forgotten the passport as she was in a hurry to elope and she urges Gary to create a new passport for her where Gary’s name will be included.

Seerat stares at Gary with dreamy eyes which makes Gary’s stomach twist in knots as he knows that Seerat has played with him.

Meanwhile, Seerat is trying to eat with chopsticks while Gary feels stupid for assuming that he is the one who is a player whereas it was Seerat who played with his mind.

Afterward, he announces that he has to go for some work but Seerat urges him to not leave her alone to which Gary refuses.

After Gary leaves, Seerat sits on the couch feeling miserable as she can feel Gary's behavior toward her has changed.

She then sees the news of Sahiba getting married to Angad which shocks her and she calls the landline number to learn what happened.

Meanwhile, the neighbors' aunties arrive at the Monga house to rub salt on Santosh's wounds pretending that they are feeling sympathy toward her.

Santosh picks up the landline to speak but before she can hear Seerat's voice, the aunties start throwing dirt on Seerat's name by saying that excessive beauty has lined Seerat due to which she ran away leaving a perfect groom and the family behind.

Santosh bravely states that she wanted to marry her daughter in the Brar family and instead of Seerat, Sahiba got married.

To humiliate Santosh, the aunties reveal that they have learned from the media that Sahiba has trapped Angad so it will be a miracle if the Brar family let Sahiba live there for long.

Seerat who has heard everything due to Santosh holding the call gets filled with blind rage but as she starts calling Santosh but Santosh puts the receiver down without saying anything.

Once Seerat cools down, the scared feeling grips her as she realizes that Gary must have learned that she was faking everything and now, he will assume her true love for him is also fake.

On the other hand, Angad orders a detective to find out about Seerat Kaur Monga at any cost when he notices some dust flying around and as he comes near the store room, he finds Sahiba with her dupatta covered her head and a broomstick in her hand.

In the meantime, Keerat sends the neighbor aunties away after spraying them with coal and reminding them about their children's bad habits.

Later, in Brar's mansion, Sahiba and Angad get into an argument about Shaiba sleeping in the store room when Veer arrives there with food for Sahiba.

Angad orders Veer to not give Sahiba any food as he wants to punish her while Sahiba announces she can handle it.

However, as Angad is walking away, he orders Sukhdeep to put a water jar in Sahiba's room whereas Veer apologizes to Sahiba for Angad's rude behavior.

In the meantime, Angad trashes his room out of anger as he remembers the moments with Seerat flash in front of his eyes and he gets even angrier when he recalls his marriage with Sahiba.

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