Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 12th September 2023 episode starts with Keerat receiving a call from Sahiba after which she merges the call with Veer and picks it up.

Keerat talks to Sahiba 

She asks Sahiba about her whereabouts leading Sahiba to confess that she's in the hostel.

Keerat asks Sahiba about the matter between her and Angad leading Sahiba to tell her that she doesn't want to talk about it.

She adds that once she accepts the circumstances around her, she'll open up about what had happened.

Keerat asks Sahiba to open up once more since it'll help her feel calm making Sahiba ask her for some time to heal herself.

Hearing this, Keerat agrees and tells her that she's always with her in happiness and sadness.

The next morning, Angad sits lost in his room during which Jabjot, Inder, Akaal and Manbeer come in.

The Brars interrogate Angad 

Inder asks Angad if he'll not go to the office making Angad roar up that he doesn't want Sahiba's topic to come out again and stand up.

Seeing Angad, Akaal mentions that Sahiba wasn't mentioned for once adding that he understands how disturbed he is which is why they thought of giving him some time.

Angad apologises during which Seerat comes in with breakfast, making Manbeer take it.

She insists everyone give Angad some time but Jabjot asks Angad to open up about what made Sahiba go.

Akaal adds that he always thought the relationship between Angad and Sahiba to be strong after which he assumes that there must've been a big issue that led to the separation.

Angad tells Akaal that Sahiba mentioned that she didn't trust him after which even he didn't try to change her thoughts.

Seerat gets interrogated

Manbeer asks Angad to tell what happened leading Angad to say that Sahiba left because he hid Seerat's words adding that she thought his intentions were bad.

Seerat thinks about what will happen to her if the Brars come to know of her love confession while Inder asks Angad about Seerat's words.

Angad pauses while Jabjot and Akaal ask Seerat about what she tells Angad making Seerat fumble.

He says that Seerat's words are not a big deal but the big deal lies in Sahiba not trusting him.

He adds that despite apologising to Sahiba, she still left adding that if she doesn't trust him, he won't convince her about him being trustworthy.

Seerat adds fuel to the fire

Manbeer angrily mentions that there's no need for Sahiba to come back to the Brars, making Seerat happy.

Seerat tells Angad that since the marriage between him and Sahiba was forced, Sahiba always wanted to leave him.

Manbeer supports Seerat but Inders states that there must be a reason.

Inder asks Angad to go to Sahiba's and talk with her but Seerat mentions that she's in the hostel.

A worried Akaal mentions that Sahiba staying in a hostel is not good in any way.

At the hostel, Sahiba comes out of her room but is threatened by Riddhi and the gang to put back the bottles she had cleaned up the last night.

Sahiba gets bullied 

She denies after which a girl tells Riddhi that Sahiba is Angad's wife making Riddhi comment that Sahiba most probably has been thrown off her home.

Sahiba tells Riddhi not to interfere in her matters after which she tries to lock her room but Riddhi comes in between.

However, Sahiba gets in the room leading the girls to forcefully enter but stop when the warden comes in.

Upon enquiring, the warden comes to know from Sahiba that the girls had been bullying her to leave the room adding that she was asked to put the bottles in.

The warden helps Sahiba 

Riddhi and the gang deny their drinking adding that Sahiba's room gives the best vibe but the warden asks her not to act smart.

Turning to Sahiba, the warden tells her that the room is hers making Riddhi angrily eye her and walk away.

Ajeet and Santosh come in

Meanwhile, Keerat with Santosh and Ajeet reach Sahiba leading Santosh to ask Sahiba the reason behind her leaving Angad but stops when she sees Sahiba teary-eyed. 

Meanwhile, Keerat insists Sahiba come home but Santosh adds that Sahiba under any circumstances, will go back to the Brars.

At the Brars, Seerat enters Angad's room after which she tries to make him eat leading him to throw the plate.

Manbeer comes in after which Seerat mentions that she's there for him, but Angad walks away.

Sahiba opens up

At the canteen, Santosh attempts to call the Brars but Sahiba asks her not to do so making Ajeet and Santosh ask her if Angad didn't stop her to which Sahiba replies that he wanted her to leave.

Keerat asks Sahiba how can it be since Angad truly loves her but Sahiba deems it as lie.

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