Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 13th October 2023 episode starts with Jasleen giving a tissue paper to Seerat so that she can wipe her tears, but at the same time, she crumples it.

Seerat tells Jasleen that soon Sahiba will break up with Angad, leading her to get married, while Jasleen deems Seerat to be living in a fool's paradise.

She replies to Jasleen that soon with time she will see the fool's paradise coming true in reality, terming Jasleen as nonsense and walking away.

On the other hand, Ajeet is aghast by Seerat's deeds narrated by Keerat, whilst Veer is present.

Ajeet asks Keerat why didn't she tell anything to them when so much was going on leading Keerat to tell Ajeet that Sahiba had disallowed her to do so.

He calls up Sahiba but doesn't get her leading Veer to call up Angad and ask him if he has gotten any news of Sahiba.

Angad tells Veer that Sahiba isn't picking up his calls too, adding that he has to talk to her making Veer give best wishes to him.

Veer decides to go out and search for Sahiba, making Keerat join Veer, who suggests she stay back and inform him if Sahiba comes home.

Later, Angad reaches Sahiba's hostel and enters her room, gradually getting to see her with her head down on the table.

He gets relieved and he goes close to her, asking Sahiba to listen to him since he has no idea about Manbeer's decision. 

Angad kneels and requests Sahiba to listen to him, but Sahiba doesn't say anything when suddenly, Angad gets silent.

He sees blood in his hand, leading him to turn Sahiba towards himself to see that Sahiba has stabbed herself with the scissors. 

Angad takes the scissor out and cries holding Sahiba's hand, gradually hugging her stating she shouldn't leave him.

He lets loose of Sahiba and tells himself that the body can't be Sahiba, during which the police come in.

Seeing Angad drenched in blood and holding the scissors, the police officers arrest Angad, while Angad tells the police that he didn't kill Sahiba.

One of the policemen checks Sahiba and tells them that she's dead, and amidst this, the warden and students enter Sahiba's room too.

Gradually the dean, professor and students stated that Sahiba was living in the hostel since Angad and she were not on good terms.

The police ask Angad why he killed Sahiba but Angad says that he hasn't killed her, adding that she isn't safe, but the police handcuff him.

Outside, Veer comes to know from students that Sahiba has been murdered, during which Angad is led out by the officers.

Angad asks Veer about Sahiba's whereabouts leading Veer to tell Angad that Sahiba is dead, but Angad tells him that the woman he is seeing is not Sahiba.

The police asked Veer if Sahiba and Angad were having problems, leading Veer to say yes, adding that Angad had gone out to search for Sahiba. 

Angad asks Veer if he trusts him or not, making Veer state yes and afterwards, Angad is led out.

He screams out to Veer, stating that he better search Sahiba since she's not safe, while Veer wonders if the dead lady is Sahiba. 

Outside, Angad is led forward to the police van while the journalists cover Angad's deed while at Brar's, the family looks at the news intently.

Manbeer gets weakened leading Inder to hold her while Seerat wonders what will happen to her now since Sahiba is dead.

Akaal accuses the journalists of spreading fake news while on the other hand, everyone's phone rings up with people, asking if Angad was so resentful towards Sahiba. 

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