Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 13th September 2023 episode starts with Sahiba sadly telling Santosh and Ajeet that relationships are lies during which Ajeet and Santosh insist Sahiba come back home.

Sahiba convinces Ajeet

However, Sahiba denies stating that she wants to make herself independent and at the same time, asks Ajeet to trust her.

Santosh says that she won't let Sahiba be in the hostel and takes her by the hand but Ajeet tells her not to do so since he has faith in Sahiba.

From a corner, Riddhi and the gang take a look at Sahiba stating that she will get her revenge on Sahiba since she embarrassed her and walks away.

At the table, Sahiba takes leave from Ajeet for her classes during which Keerat tells her to call her once she's free, making Sahiba agree and walk away.

At the mountains, the professor insists everyone feel the atmosphere so that they can draw, thus dismissing everyone. 

Mirza notices Sahiba

Noticing a lost Sahiba, the professor asks if everything is fine leading Sahiba to mention that she's confused about where should her muse come from.

The professor tells Sahiba not to think much after which he walks away leaving Sahiba alone.

Later, while walking Sahiba notices some colorful clothes which are put in a string.

She feels the atmosphere gradually noticing a pot with boiling water while from behind Mirza, unbeknownst to her, takes slow steps as Sahiba.

Mirza notices Sahiba whose papers get strewn off in the air leading Sahiba to pick them up quickly.

However, she trips and is about to fall on a container with boiling water but Mirza catches her in time thus saving Sahiba.

Sahiba turns back to get a glimpse of Mirza but after not getting him, ponders about who it was.

She assumes it's Angad but shifts away her thoughts since she thinks that why would he even save her.

From behind, Mirza picks up Sahiba's paper and gives it to her, disappears again but Sahiba notices a reflection.

Mirza hides himself

She comes forward to find Mirza but gets interrupted when a student insists Sahiba come back since sir is calling them.

Sahiba walks forward while on the other hand, the man who had hidden himself in a water-filled container unveils himself.

He sorts out his shirt during which he utters Sahiba's name softly while Sahiba feeling a presence, turns back.

This leads the man to dip himself in the container with water while Sahiba thinks about who it is.

A paper falls down but as Sahiba bends down to pick it up, Riddhi puts her foot on it so that Sahiba can't pick the paper up.

Riddhi tells Sahiba that she'll destroy her paintings making Sahiba tell her that she'll make them again, triggering Riddhi.

Mirza gets enchanted by Sahiba 

She attempts to threaten Sahiba but it doesn't have any effect on Sahiba while the man from behind, notices everything. 

Sahiba walks away while the man admires Sahiba's confidence and at the same time, wishes he was as confident as her.

Later, the professor tells everyone to finish their paintings in an hour during which Sahiba notices a pink dupatta on her canvas.

This makes her think about Angad while on the other side, Angad sheds tears thinking about Sahiba.

Suddenly, Sahiba's reverie is broken by a child who asks for her dupatta back, making Sahiba give it to her.

The kid walks away while Sahiba brushing Angad's thoughts off gets into painting but gets teary-eyed.

Mirza clicks a picture of Sahiba

From a bushy area, Mirza notices a teary-eyed Sahiba and clicks a picture of her.

He compliments Sahiba's eyes to be like his mother, adding that they shouldn't be teary-eyed but filled with happiness and silently resolves to make her happy.

Meanwhile, Seerat gives Angad a tissue so that he can wipe off his tears but Angad asks Seerat as to why she's always around him.

Seerat states that she's trying to help him, making Angad state that even the Brars are not giving him peace.

He adds that Sahiba's thoughts are in his mind constantly making him term her as heartless.

Seerat agrees to Angad's words but tells him to consider the family too since they're worried for him.

She plans to enquire about why did Sahiba this to Angad but Angad asks her to not do so, adding that he'll come out of Sahiba very soon.

Mirza gets to know about Sahiba's location

Later, the professor asks for the paintings to be submitted leading Sahiba to come forth but Riddhi mentions that she hasn't taken her painting.

She taunts Sahiba saying that she doesn't have an identity since Angad left her but Sahiba states that she has an identity without Angad too.

Hiding from a corner, the man looks at Sahiba while on the other side, Sahiba submits her painting.

The man misunderstands Sahiba's sense of identity without Angad to her being single adding that she's his and plans to woo her.

A paper flies in front of him leading him to know that Sahiba is from the Institute of Fine Arts.

A lost Sahiba packs up her bags and goes forward while the man looks at the paper ponderingly.

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