Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 14th October 2023 episode starts with the Brar's getting disturbed as phone calls come in back to back asking about Angad and Sahiba's relationship.

Gurleen cries out about Angad not killing Sahiba, but Jasleen states that anger can make a person do anything.

Hansraj agrees with Jasleen, but Gurleen cries out saying that Angad would never hurt Sahiba.

Akaal adds that even if god comes in telling him that Angad murdered Sahiba, he would still distrust it.

Manbeer tells Inder to save Angad, leading Inder to tell Manbeer that he will be the lawyer right now.

Gurleen consoles Seerat, while Seerat wonders if Angad has killed Sahiba for real.

In the meantime, Veer enters and tells the family that he saw Angad being led out by officials.

Akaal asks Veer if he saw Sahiba's dead body too, leading Veer to tearfully say yes.

However, Manbeer confirms Angad's innocence, while Jasleen thinks to herself that Angad's present suffering is a payback for Garry's suffering. 

Elsewhere, Prince and Gurleen attend to Jabjot, who gets tearful about Sahiba while Akaal wonders in what state Angad must be.

At the police station, Angad is imprisoned and insists the police officer save Sahiba.

Ajeet scolds Seerat

At the Brar's, Inder states that when Sahiba was declared dead, Angad's devotion got her back to life.

Jasleen then goes up to Seerat asking if her marriage with Angad stands cancelled due to Sahiba.

Seerat says that she's worried about Angad when suddenly Ajeet asks Seerat what is she planning to do with Sahiba.

Ajeet comes in held by Keerat and scolds Seerat for her insensitiveness towards Sahiba when he falls down

Just then, Inder holds him, while Ajeet tearfully asks why did Angad kill Sahiba cruelly.

Inder tells Ajeet that he is sad about Sahiba's death too, adding that Sahiba was like his daughter.

Ajeet tells Inder that if Sahiba was like his daughter, he would've cared for her and breaks down.

Inder goes to the police station 

Gurleen tells Seerat to go and console Keerat, and Sahiba attempts to go forward, but Keerat screams out saying that Seerat is responsible for Sahiba's death.

Amidst this, the lawyer's message comes stating that he must come to the police station and Manbeer tells him to bail out Angad.

Later, Inder and Veer come with Mr Dhillon to Angad, stating that he wants to ask him a few questions.

Mr Dhillon asks Angad if he has murdered Sahiba after she doesn't want to end the relationship. 

He urges Angad to tell the truth, leading Angad to state that he didn't kill Sahiba, adding that the dead body wasn't Sahiba's. 

Mr. Dhillon walks away followed by Inder, while Angad tells Veer that Sahiba is in trouble, adding that he should ask Shameen to track Sahiba's location. 

Akaal breaks down

Outside, Mr. Dhillon tells Akaal and Inder that bailing out Angad is difficult since he was found at the crime scene.

Akaal walks forward with Inder to the inspector, stating that he takes Angad's statement in his investigation too.

However, the police tell Akaal to not teach him how to investigate, adding that even if Angad hasn't killed Sahiba, he is still a criminal.

Afterward, Akaal tells Inder to not tell Angad that he will not get bail and by saying so, they reach Angad.

Remembering how Angad supported him when he was jailed, Akaal tells Angad that he's saddened like he was in the past.

Angad tells Inder that he shouldn't have brought Akaal in, leading Inder to tell Angad that Akaal's love for him brought him here.

He tells Akaal that Sahiba isn't dead, while Akaal tells Angad that he hopes she's alive.

Akaal breaks down, after which Angad insists Inder lead Akaal out since he will fall sick.

He tells Angad that they'll meet in court, following which Inder leads out Angad, while Angad wonders about Sahiba's whereabouts. 

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