Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 14th September 2023 episode starts with Seerat preparing chole bhature for Angad during which Manbeer comes in.

Seerat tries to win over Manbeer

Manbeer decides to help Seerat make food for Angad during which she accuses Sahiba of being dramatic stating that if she had to leave, she should've left silently.

Seeing Seerat, Manbeer apologizes for talking bad about Sahiba but Seerat mentions it's fine.

Manbeer further mentions that Angad is missing Sahiba, adding that they've to do something.

Seerat agrees to Manbeer's words adding that she'll look after what has to be done making Manbeer relieved.

Mirza stalks Sahiba

On the other hand, Mirza enters Sahiba's college nervously to get himself admitted to photography. 

He gradually reaches a cabin where he softly utters to the man that he wants to take admission in photography.

The man tells Mirza to come tomorrow since his computer has gone bad.

Mirza tells the man that he can help him which makes the assistant give his computer readily to him.

The man goes to attend a call while Mirza taking it as his chance, stalks Sahiba and clicks her picture.

Seeing the man come in, Mirza stands up while the man says that all seats are filled.

Mirza asks the man if any other course is available but the man mentions in the negative.

The man asks Mirza if the computer is fine after which he rapidly puts on a code leading the computer to switch off its window.

He then checks it and thanks Mirza who is on his way but stops when the assistant congratulates another student who has secured admission in photography. 

The boy trips against Mirza but after apologising to Mirza walks away while Mirza eyes him.

Flowers arrive

Meanwhile, Angad and Veer work on it, during which Keerat's phone, but he doesn't pick it up.

Angad asks Veer to pick up the phone but Veer mentions that it's fine.

Veer adds that Ajeet is expecting some answer from him about Sahiba leaving the Brar premises.

This triggers Angad after which Veer asks him to talk softly to Ajeet.

Angad asks Veer if he's supposed to take the blame but is cut short by a servant who comes in with a flower bouquet.

Angad gets worried

Seerat enters and noticing the bouquet, wonders if Angad has ordered flowers for Sahiba.

Amidst all this, Angad touches the flowers but gets his hand pricked after which Sukhdeep tells that the flowers are for Sahiba.

Seerat tries to attend to Angad's bleeding finger but Angad flinches away leading Seerat to tell that Sahiba is hurting him still by sending flowers.

She orders Sukhdeep to throw the flowers but Angad tells Seerat that Sahiba hasn't sent flowers instead she has received flowers.

Seeing a chit in the bouquet, Angad notices that the flowers are from Mirza and gets worried. 

Mirza notices Sahiba

On the other hand, Mirza notices Sahiba as a model in the drawing class and stares at her obsessively. 

In the class, Shruti complains of not having a brush but Sahiba helps her out by giving her the keys to her room so that she can get the brush.

Mirza realises that Sahiba stays in the hostel and wonders about where the flowers are.

Elsewhere, Seerat tells Angad that Sahiba's moved on during which Angad decides to go to Sahiba with the bouquet. 

At the college, Mirza eyes Kartik for whom he was denied admission.

Mirza hits Kartik

At Jabjot's, Seerat plans to stop Angad while Veer prays for Angad to reunite with Sahiba.

On the other hand, Mirza introduces himself to Kartik and asks him to give up his seat.

Kartik replies negatively after which Mirza hits him with a copper stand making him unconscious. 

On the streets, Angad drives forward with the flowers but realises that he has left behind his phone.

Elsewhere, Mirza ties up Kartik and puts his identity card thus taking his seat away from him forcefully. 

In the evening, Shruti compliments Sahiba stating that Angad might kidnap her.

Sahiba mentions it's impossible leading Sahiba's classmate to tell her that everything will be fine.

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