Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 15th October 2023 episode starts with Romi seeing a blood-washed knife, during which he thinks to himself that he pushed Sahiba to the present state since he can't let her be with Angad. 

At the jail, a man comes in with charges of slapping his girlfriend and is locked up with Angad, leading the man to ask Angad for a selfie.

However, Angad asks the man to stay away from him while the man comments about him killing Sahiba according to the news channel.

This makes Angad angrily hold the man's collar, while from outside, the police officer asks him not to do so.

Angad states that he didn't kill Sahiba, but the officer states that the proof states that he indeed has killed Sahiba.

After a while, Angad thinks that Sahiba is dead since she didn't come to defend him, while on the other hand, Romi cuts cucumbers.

Romi states that despite the world thinking that Angad killed Sahiba, it's he who killed her to grant her peace from Angad.

Later, a tearful Manbeer and Seerat come in, when Manbeer states that she was worried after he was jailed.

Just then, Angad accuses Manbeer of her decision to marry him off with Seerat, who then states that Manbeer wanted his happiness by marrying him off with her, while Angad tells Seerat that her happiness lay in it, not his.

Seerat says that Sahiba's death has saddened her too, but Angad says that Sahiba is alive when Seerat adds that Angad will not be granted bail easily.

This leads Angad to wonder how will he prove that Sahiba isn't dead, after which he frustratedly screams out to Manbeer and Seerat they leave, who then go away.

Angad's jailmate asks Angad if Sahiba left him for Seerat leading Angad to slap him tightly and ask him to mind his business.

The man tells Angad that his actions denote that he has killed Sahiba, adding that people will spit on him tomorrow when he's not granted bail.

Angad wonders to himself that the man is right, further thinking about how's he to find Sahiba if he's in the lockup. 

At Brar's, Jabjot and Gurleen cry inconsolably while a seated Jasleen looks over at them.

The family look at the news when Hansraj adds that Angad must've killed Sahiba since he has been caught red-handed. 

Just then, Akaal enters and switches off the TV, thus ordering the family that nobody will watch the TV, for journalists to add salt to their wounds.

Jabjot tearfully adds that Sahiba must've died since she didn't come to save Angad, during which Manbeer comes in, while Seerat holds her.

Inder attends to Manbeer and asks Seerat to give her water, during which he asks Manbeer if Angad's fine.

Seerat tells Jaspal that Angad isn't fine, adding that she hopes god grants him bail while Jasleen asks Seerat if she's praying for Angad's bail to marry him.

Manbeer tells Jasleen that she will indeed, get Angad married to Seerat when Akaal shouts at Manbeer asking if she's in her senses.

However, Manbeer stands strong at her decision, since even after Sahiba's death, Angad isn't at peace.

Akaal tells Manbeer not to dive into Sahiba's hatred, but instead figure out how to help Angad.

Jasleen tells Akaal that Angad will not be granted bail since he has killed Sahiba, thus leading the family to look at her in disbelief. 

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