Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 16th September 2023 episode starts with Sahiba telling Angad to go to Seerat adding that he shouldn't waste his time with her.

This makes Angad teary-eyed after which he walks away with Romi following him stealthily. 

Later, Angad comes to Sahiba who's unlocking her room during which Sahiba notices him.

Sahiba asks about why Angad's here leading Angad to give Romi's chit to her.

Angad walks away after which Sahiba noticing Romi's chit on her hand, throws it away.

On the other hand, Romi comes up to Sahiba and notices that she's struggling to open the door.

He asks if he can try unlocking her door leading Sahiba to step back.

However, on the pretense of opening her door, he scans her card after which he unlocks her door.

Sahiba enters inside while Romi notices his crushed chit and glares at it. 

At the Brar's, Manbeer gets to know from a servant that Angad is not home while Seerat tells Manbeer that Angad has gone to give Sahiba flowers.

This makes Manbeer angry making Seerat prepare to elaborate on Romi.

Meanwhile, Sahiba wonders about who is stalking her secretively.

Elsewhere, Seerat tells Manbeer that Sahiba has received flowers from Romi while Manbeer assumes Sahiba left Angad for Romi following which she asks about Angad's whereabouts.

Seerat then proceeds to call Sahiba while Sahiba from the other side picks it up. 

She asks Sahiba to send Angad but Sahiba says that Angad has left long before and Seerat tells Sahiba to not lie but Sahiba tells her that she's not lying.

This makes Seerat taunt Sahiba with Romi making Sahiba tell that she's a greater criminal because she proposed Angad.

Seerat again tells Sahiba to send Angad but Sahiba cuts the call on her face. 

Sahiba then proceeds to call Angad but thinks whether she should call him or not.

Meanwhile, Manbeer realises that Angad has left his phone back at home and Veer gets worried during which Sahiba calls him up.

He picks it up making Sahiba ask about where Angad but Veer states that they too are finding him.

At the office, Angad asks Rakesh for coffee adding that he must inform the Brars about him being in the office.

The servant informs Manbeer about Angad, making Manbeer, including Sahiba from the other side get relieved.

Amidst all this, Keerat after multiple attempts to call Sahiba, gets to speak to her.

This leads Keerat to ask if Sahiba's eaten anything but Sahiba lies.

However, Keerat understands that she's lying and confronts Sahiba for torturing herself.

She asks Sahiba why's she away from Angad leading Sahiba to tell her about Angad proposing to Seerat.

This makes Keerat want to bash Seerat up but Sahiba asks her to not do.

In the dark quarters, Romi makes a drawing of him and Sahiba dreaming that one day he will get Sahiba. 

The next morning, Angad asks Rakesh for another cup of coffee as Rakesh walks forward while a colleague comes to check in on Angad.

She asks if Angad is fine adding that Sahiba had called him up. 

Angad asks the colleague about work leading the colleague to show personalised gifts for couples which he had asked for earlier.

This makes Angad tell the worker rudely to be professional during which Manbeer and Seerat come in.

Manbeer confronts Angad on his rude behaviour to the employee making Angad state that he wants to be busy so that he can forget Sahiba.

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