Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th August 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th August 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th August 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 17th August 2023 episode starts with Inder telling Manbeer that he has come here to talk to her because she is the only one with whom he can have a heart-to-heart conversation.

He even puts his head over Manbeer’s lap, sobbing which catches Manbeer by surprise.

Watching this from a distance, Sahiba questions Angad why a tragedy is always needed to bring two people close.

She even asks why it is always necessary that one person needs to break down in order for those people to come close but Angad just looks at Sahiba with guilt without any answer.

The doctor then orders the whole Brar family to come into her cabin for discussion and the doctor informs everyone that except Sahiba, no one’s liver has matched Simran’s.

However, Sahiba cannot give her donor because her hemoglobin level is very slow as it can create complications in the surgery.

This information upsets Sahiba and she begs the doctor to make her donor, saying she can do anything for Simran’s well-being.

The doctor politely denies Sahiba’s request, saying that she cannot let Sahiba suffer right now while the Brar family look at each other helplessly.

When Sahiba and Angad go to visit Simran in the hospital cabin, they find Veer entering the room with Keerat by his side.

They all stare at Simran’s pale face with worry and Keerat tries to lighten the mood by saying that she has thought Simran is like her little sister after she met her at Sahiba’s birthday party.

She further informs Angad and Sahiba that she and Veer have put their name on the list so if one of them turns out to be Simran’s match, he/she will donate the liver.

At the same time, the doctor calls Sahiba so Angad and Sahiba run to meet the doctor in the cabin.

The doctor announces that she has put Simran’s name on the top of the donor list but she is unsure how long it will take Simran to find the liver.

She further states that before Simran there was another patient named Samir on the list who has finally gotten the donor after two years.

When Inder questions the doctor if Simran will stay like this for a long period after hearing this, the doctor replies that Simran cannot stay alive in this situation for a long time.

Hearing this, the whole Brar family let out a loud gasp in shock and Sahiba begs the doctor to let her know the patient details who has gotten the liver today.

The doctor tells Sahiba that Sahiba can try but it is very unlikely that the patient will agree to wait any longer yet Sahiba and Angad run to talk to the patient.

When Angad and Sahiba arrive in the hospital room, they beg Samir's wife to let Simran get the liver surgery first since her life depends on this.

Samir's wife denies it, stating that she also has a five-year-old daughter who is eagerly waiting for her father while Angad and Sahiba keep begging Samir's wife helplessly.

Finally, Samir's wife agrees to give Simran the liver but the Brar family's happiness does not last long as at the last moment Samir goes into the surgery without informing them.

Sahiba and Angad again visit the hospital to question Samir's wife who informs them that Manbeer tried to offer them money in exchange for the liver after Sahiba and Angad left.

She angrily yells that her husband's health is not for sale while a senior doctor orders Angad and Sahiba to leave because they have made a joke about organ donation by offering money.

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