Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 17th September 2023 episode starts with Angad telling Manbeer that nothing has happened to him and walks away.

Elsewhere Romi as Kartik joins in with the other students.

On the other hand, Manbeer confronts Angad about becoming rude ever since Sahiba has left him.

However, Angad directs his attention to work and scolds Pam, his secretary, for not getting good designs.

Manbeer attempts to request Angad to come back home again but Angad tells her that he'll come when he's fine. 

She confronts Angad on staying sad despite Sahiba having moved on after which she confronts him about Mirza's flowers much to Angad's shock.

On the other hand, Mirza looks at Sahiba while in the office, and Angad tells Manbeer that Sahiba is least interested in Romi.

Manbeer scolds him for trusting Sahiba while Angad tells Manbeer to leave him alone.

At Sahiba's college, the professor announces an auction where the student's paintings will be given.

The students get happy while Sahiba still thinks about Angad.

The professor then shows the paintings he's selected for the auction eventually revealing a painting that has no sign in it.

He asks everyone to identify the painting during which Mirza recognizes it to be Sahiba's painting.

He tries to get her attention but Sahiba is lost in Angad.

Meanwhile, Manbeer tells Seerat that she hates Sahiba for making Angad sad.

Seerat then tells Pam to take special care of Angad since he'll be in the office for some days. 

She further mentions that if Angad goes to meet Sahiba, she better inform her.

Pam is shocked to hear this but Seerat and Manbeer ask her to do as told since Angad's goodness lies in it. 

Hearing this, Pam walks away while Manbeer looks at a disturbed Angad and cries.

In the meantime, the professor aims to choose another painting since nobody owns up to the nameless paintings.

Suddenly, Romi says that it's Sahiba adding to Sahiba's shock who then apologizes to the professor for being inattentive. 

The professor says it's fine and all the students congratulate Sahiba during which Romi walks away.

Seeing Romi walk away, Sahiba wonders about how did Romi come to know about her painting.

Later, Romi hides in a tree while on the other hand, Sahiba walks with Shruti and Aditya.

Amidst all this, the professor comes in with a form asks Sahiba to fill it, and walks away.

Seeing this, Riddhi tells Sahiba that her painting was not chosen based on talent but because Angad left her.

All of this is heard by the professor who then confronts Riddhi on discouraging Sahiba while Shruti and Aditya ask Sahiba for a treat during which Sahiba seeing Romi calls him.

Romi turns back and Sahiba coming forward thanks him for helping her out. 

He mentions it's fine while Sahiba asks him about how he knew that the painting was hers but Romi stays silent. 

This makes Sahiba walk away but Romi stops her and tells her that he took the help of the students to understand it's her painting.

On the other hand, the professor comes in with an announcement stating that he needs photographers for an upcoming event.

Romi comes in telling the professor that he's interested in volunteering. 

He clicks a picture of Riddhi making the professor believe his photography skills to be the best.

The professor selects Romi to click the selected candidates and walks away but Riddhi scolds Romi for taking her picture without permission. 

Romi tells Riddhi that at least she's looking better in the photo making others laugh and making Riddhi walk away.

Sahiba walks away and Romi goes after her but Sayna asks Romi to click her first. 

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