Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 18th September 2023 episode starts with Veer getting shocked by Angad when he declines his previously approved designs.

He asks Angad about what he wants making him silent while at college, Sahiba thinks about Angad.

However, Shruti interrupts Sahiba asking if the Brars are going to come for the exhibition adding that she'd give them tickets.

On the other hand, Angad smiles remembering Sahiba's simplicity but soon comes back to his senses.

Veer shows him jewellery designs but Angad declines them since it's too simple.

On the other side, Sahiba thinks of Angad sadly stating that he doesn't love her.

Seeing Sahiba lost, Shruti makes her conscious after which, she asks if she can send the tickets to the Brar household. 

Sahiba tells Shruti not to do so adding that she'll update a new address and asks for two passes.

Shruti gives the passes to her and walks away during which Romi joins in.

Romi asks Sahiba if he can join her at the table but Sahiba denies him.

He tells Sahiba that he's here to click a picture of her, making Sahiba tell him that she'll send a picture to the professor.

Sahiba takes up her phone and types a password which is seen by Romi after which she opens her gallery but gets tearful when she sees Angad's image.

This makes Romi dream about wiping Sahiba's tears away but he comes to his senses.

Sahiba excuses herself making Romi drop coffee on her phone so that he can gain access to her phone.

He apologises to Sahiba stating that he'll repair it while Sahiba cleans herself.

In the meantime, Romi hacks Sahiba's phone silently stating that nothing will remain hidden.

Sahiba tells Romi to hand over her phone making Romi give Sahiba's phone back to her and asks again if he can click a picture of her.

Sahiba agrees and Romi clicks a picture, but when he tries to show it to Sahiba, she walks away.

Romi gets sad upon Sahiba leaving but finds comfort knowing that now he'll get to spy on Sahiba.

At the doorway, Sahiba opens her phone leading Romi to see her face.

Back at the workshop, Seerat enters wearing a designer cloth leading Pam to apologize to Angad for Seerat's action.

A photographer compliments Seerat's beauty while Veer asks Angad to finalise the designs.

He adds that if Sahiba were there, Angad wouldn't be lost, making Angad utter as if he had no identity without Sahiba.

Turning to Seerat, Angad scolds her for interfering while on the other hand, an assistant tells Romi that Yashraj is calling him.

On the other hand, Seerat says that she's here to help Angad since she wears Brar jewellery. 

She shows Angad that a heavy necklace paired with a bracelet will look good, making Veer, Angad and the photographer agree to it who then asks the models to follow Seerat.

Meanwhile, Romi reaches the office where Yashraj apologises to him for coming late but Romi asks Yashraj the reason why he called him.

Both get seated during which a servant comes with a cake and Yashraj adds that he's planning to send Romi to London.

Romi going to London leading Yashraj to know from a notification that Romi didn't send a confirmation letter.

Yashraj scoldingly tells Romi that his talent will give him immense opportunities in London stating that he wants his good.

This makes Romi state that maybe Yashraj is his father but he never tried to create a bond with him and walks away.

Afterwards in the photo shoot, Seerat understands that Angad hates Sahiba since he doesn't want anything in association with her.

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