Teri Meri Doriyaann 20th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 20th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 20th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 20th September 2023 episode starts with Seerat asking Angad if he's okay while he tells her not to talk to him as he will vent out his anger on her. 

She tells him that he should vent to her as she is at fault because nothing would have happened if she did not leave him at the Mandap and he had to marry his sister. 

He tells her not to talk about it but she continues as she tells him that he should move on. 

Seer at tells him that he is at fault and he tells her to remember that it was Sahiba who left him and not the other way around. 

Seerat tells him how he made a mistake by having expectations from Sahiba when she didn't have any feelings for him. 

She asks that even though he confessed his feelings, Sahiba left him while Angad asks her how she knows that. 

Seerat thinks that she cannot tell Angad that it was her he confessed to and makes up an excuse. 

She manipulates Angad against Sahiba and tells him why Manveer has to suffer for his and Sahiba's sinking relationship. 

Seerat tells him how Manveer hasn't even gotten up from bed since the day he left and adds that she fears some untoward will happen if he doesn't return. 

She requests him to return home as the whole family needs him and tells him to lessen Manveer's worry by being by her side. 

Seerat touches his elbow and asks him while he slightly nods and they both get in the car. 

While driving, Angad continues closing his eyes and Seerat offers him a chocolate while having a piece for herself. 

They stop at a red light when Seerat tells Angad that he has a little left in his mouth while he notices Sahiba on the road and walks out of the car. 

However, Sahiba notices the chocolate on Angad's lips and the wrapper in Seerat's hand as she tells him that he should have eaten the chocolate properly first. 

He tells her that it's not like that but she does not listens to him and starts putting the things in the bag, seeing the signal. 

Sahiba leaves while Seerat tells Angad that she'll help him cross the road and return. 

However, he goes after them and rushes to pull Sahiba toward him as the car is about to hit her. 

They both get lost in each other's eyes while Seerat hugs Angad from behind to save herself from the motorcycle. 

Sahiba sees Seerat and tries to leave but Angad stops her as Seerat tells her that they will drop her to the hostel. 

She refuses while Angad angrily tells her that he also asked her only because of Seerat. 

Sahiba gets hurt hearing this as she asks him if he listens to everything Seerat says. 

Angad asks Sahiba how can she even think that and tells her that Seerat was right about her. 

Seerat holds Angad's hand as she tells him that they should not bear the burden of dead relationships and tells him to move on.

Angad and Seerat drive away while Sahiba waits for a rickshaw. 

A black jeep comes there and stops before her while the man inside, Romi continues chanting Sahiba's name. 

She tries to walk away but Romi continues driving after Sahiba stating that she shouldn't have talked to Angad and touched his hand. 

He says that she will have to forget Angad while Sahiba continues running away from the jeep. 

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