Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th January 2024 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 25th January 2024 episode starts with Seerat spying on Sahiba and wonders why is Sahiba going to meet a lawyer when it is Keerat and Veer’s engagement.

Veer Ditches Keerat

Meanwhile, Keerat tells Veer about coming to sing in her Kushti (wrestling) competition as her coach wants him to come. 

However, Veer arrogantly tells her that he will not be performing at such places now and she should also think before saying all this. 

He also asks her why was she talking to Gary while Seerat tells him that she was only asking after his injuries which he suffered during the kabaddi Match. 

Just then, a girl named Sugar arrives there and Veer introduces her as his manager. 

Meanwhile, Sugar tells him about his interview and he has to leave now. 

Veer apologises to Keerat telling her the interview is too important to miss while Keerat asks him that he had the interview yesterday which is why he missed the match. 

Veer recalls the lie he had fed and lies again about it getting rescheduled. 

Keerat is about to express her frustration when Gary stops her and advises her to go with Sahiba for the dress shopping. 

On hearing that Keerat does not want to get Veer in trouble, Gary offers to come which Keerat accepts having no other choice. 

Meanwhile, Seerat follows Sahiba leaving the house when she realises that Angad is unaware of Sahiba’s visit to the lawyer. 

Elsewhere, Gary and Keerat arrive at the high-end boutique where the store manager welcomes them and offers her many choices as per Veer’s request.

Keerat feels overwhelmed while Gary tells the manager to buy something simple and traditional just like her. 

Meanwhile, Sahiba arrives at the lawyer’s office and finds the lawyer outside while Seerat takes their picture seeing how she is a divorce lawyer. 

Gary Takes Keerat Shopping

At the boutique, Keerat asks Gary to take her pictures as she tries her dresses so she can send them to Veer and ask for his choice. 

Gary helps Keerat choose one after the other and clicks the ones that look good. 

After not getting any reply from Veer, Gary tells Keerat about his choice when the guard comes to tell them that her bike is being towed by the police. 

Gary tells her to try the dress while he goes to get the bike. 

On the other hand, Biji asks Jasleen if she is ready for the plan that they have made for Sahiba and Angad while Jasleen tells her that she has doubts about Santosh who is very poor at keeping secrets. 

Later, Gary tells Keerat that he had to beg the traffic police to take her bike.

As they stop at the traffic jam, Keerat overhears Veer’s interview in someone’s car and becomes happy. 

Gary offers his headphones and mobile so they can hear the interview without interruption. 

Keerat appreciates his resourcefulness and concentrates on the interview and she also becomes hopeful that Veer will talk about her when he is asked about uploading his first song. 

However, she feels shattered when Veer takes the whole credit and skips her name altogether. 

Gary tries to comfort Keerat by calling Veer wrong and appreciates her for being Veer’s guiding force. 

However, Keerat tells him that maybe these things are not as important to Veer as she thinks they are. 

Seerat Plants A Seed Of Doubt

Meanwhile, Seerat waits for Angad to arrive and starts talking on a fake phone call about Sahiba seeking divorce and she cannot share it with anyone in the family. 

Angad stops to hear Seerat words while Seerat observes Angad’s expressions conspicuously and sends a picture to Angad pretending to be sending it to her friend and then deleting it after ensuring that Angad has seen this. 

Seeing Angad walk out in anger, Seerat smiles and thinks that soon she will find out what is happening between him and Sahiba. 

In the meantime, Angad comes looking for Sahiba and finds the advocate's card in her bag, and believes in what Seerat is saying. 

Angad recalls how Sahiba told him that she did not want to break her relationship and feels betrayed that Sahiba has gone behind his back once again. 

Meanwhile, Angad overhears Inder and Biji talking about him and Sahiba and that they are the perfect couple. 

Sahiba also hears the comment and walks away from there while Biji stops Angad from following Sahiba and tells him to get ready. 

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