Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 25th September 2023 episode starts with Veer telling Romi to stay back at the mansion since he's drunk.

The next morning, Romi tries to go away but on his way sees Angad sleeping in his room.

He goes close to Angad and taking out his drawing book, flips the pages in front of his ear.

Whisperinlgy he tells Angad that Sahiba is his after which he walks away making Angad wake up who goes back to sleep again.

Outside, Romi seeing Angad's photo in the newspaper, takes a look at it after which he gets to know that Angad is going to be awarded today.

He clicks a picture but later, crushes the newspaper mentioning that Angad will pay for his deeds.

Romi again goes to his room and tells a sleeping Angad that he will kill him after which he walks away.

Sahiba gets an order

In the college, Sahiba requests a professor to grant consideration for the hostel fee payment since she doesn't have a job to pay the fee.

The professor tells Sahiba that he'll talk to the admin and after thanking him, Sahiba walks away but is stopped by another professor. 

He tells Sahiba to work as a flower decorator with one of his ex-students after which Sahiba extends her gratitude to the professor and walks away.

At the Brar mansion, Seerat while drinking tea sees the crushed newspaper and picks it up.

She notices that Angad will be felicitated as the best businessman of the decade.

This makes her very happy after which she tells the house help to bring 10 copies of the newspaper adding that the Brars should to the breakfast table in an hour.

The help goes away while Seerat starts making preparations and after a while, the family comes in.

Manbeer asks Seerat about where the breakfast is while Seerat says that it'll be served in a while.

Seerat tries to woo Angad

Seerat adds that she has a surprise after which the family sit and one by one everyone seeing a framed copy of the newspaper, gets to know that Angad will be felicitated today. 

The family gets happy after which Akaal asks about where's Angad during which he walks in.

Seeing Angad, everyone congratulates him but upon seeing him sad asks if he isn't happy. 

Angad states that he's happy but he has to go out since he's getting late after which he walks away.

Jabjot suggests someone should talk to Angad making Seerat walk up to Angad and ask him to join in with celebrating his achievement with the family.

This makes Angad walk up to Manbeer and tell her that he's all fine adding that she shouldn't worry.

He then asks everyone to join in the function with happy faces making everyone smile.

Afterwards, Seerat comes in with a group of interior designers and asks them to change the colours of the interiors.

She adds that one will be happy to see such bright colours after which she sees the inside quarters.

Angad gets irritated

Going up to it, she concludes that it must be changed and encounters a handkerchief with an S and Sahiba's photo.

Meanwhile, Angad enters while Seerat comes out with Sahiba's remembrances and throws them away.

Angad picks them up and looks at them after which he scolds Seerat for trying to change his room.

Seerat mentions that Manbeer gave her permission to do so making Manbeer and Jabjot come in.

Manbeer tells Angad to not scold her while Jabjot tells Manbeer that rubbing Sahiba's memories is unethical since she's Angad's wife.

This makes Manbeer tell Jabjot that Angad is not in a good condition but Jabjot still keeps her stand stating that an interior change will not help in any way.

Later, Angad requests both of them to fight stating that he doesn't want to see the family fighting amongst themselves. 

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