Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th November 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th November 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th November 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 26th November 2023 episode starts with Angad trying to convince Chopra that he did not know that the diamond was fake.

The Chopras say that the diamond is the exact replica and that means a professional like Angad made it to which Angad says that he will make amends and is ready to return their entire sum of money.

Meanwhile, Manbeer goes to Gurleen who looks worried, Gurleen tells her that they need a permanent solution to Keerat's situation.

Manbeer calls the Mongas and asks them to meet her.

Back at the office, Mr. Chopra threaten to tell the Diamond Federation about this incident which makes everyone worried.

Elsewhere, Seerat calls Garry and tells him that today she will find the locker for him.

As Seerat enters Angad's room, Simran stops her and asks her what she is doing here to which Seerat replies that she is playing hide and seek.

Simran asks Seerat if she took Sahiba's permission before entering the room to which Seerat angrily replies to Simran to be in her shoes.

Simran then asks Seerat to come along with her to eat the Gurupurab Prasad which irritates Seerat.

Back at the office, Angad apologizes to Daar Ji for his obsession with the Rare Diamond to which he replies that there is no person in the world who never made a mistake.

Surendra Kohli and his team enter and introduce themselves as members of the Anti-Fraud Department.

He says that the Brar family and business are under investigation and cannot leave the country, they then start checking every file and every computer.

Meanwhile, Santosh, Keerat, and Ajeet reach the Brar house and are shocked to find out that Manbeer just called them to insult them.

Santosh says that she knows her daughters better than anyone to which Manbeer says that she should keep her daughters in check.

Angad, Daar ji, and Sahiba come in too and ask Ajeet what is wrong to which he replies that they should ask this from Manbeer.

Manbeer says that she was just telling the Mongas to stop Keerat from making advances at Veer.

Ajeeb asks Manbeer to stop talking trash about Keerat to which she replies that Keerat's actions are trash and all the Mongas are involved in this.

Sahiba asks Manbeer to watch her words to which she replies that Santosh is the master mind who started it all and now preparing for her next mission which is Veer.

Gurleen says that Manbeer is right as she can also see the pattern to which Angad says that he cannot believe that Gurleen and Manbeer are this delusional as Veer was the one who confessed his feelings for Keerat and not the other way around.

Ajeet says that Keerat's only dream was to be a wrestler and not dream about love or marriage.

Santosh agrees and backs Ajeet up and then asks the Brars to get their mind right.

She also says that Keerat is least interested in Veer and feels that it is Veer who is after her and now is trying to defame her.

Sahiba asks Keerat to tell the truth about her feelings for Veer and if he tried to manipulate her.

Keerat says that the truth is she likes Veer too.

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