Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th January 2024 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 27th January 2024 episode starts with Veer and Keerat dancing on the dancefloor while Sahiba and Angad feel happy to see them together. 

After a while, Veer and Keerat drag Angad and Sahiba to the dance floor while they stand there exchanging looks and trying to make an effort to dance.

Veer’s friends drag him to the bar where Veer imbibes quite a lot. 

Angad recalls Seerat’s words about Sahiba seeing a divorce lawyer and goes from there while Sahiba goes to check on the lawyer's message that she just received. 

He goes back to the floor to dance more with Keerat and his friends also join them there. 

Veer is busy dancing with other girls when Veer’s friends try to be frank with Keerat and even take her Dupatta from them.

Keerat feels angry and complains to Veer about his friends but he remains unconcerned. 

Sahiba sees Veer’s friend misbehaving with Keerat and comes to scold them. 

Veer still intoxicated accuses Sahiba of insulting his friends while Veer’s friend passes a vulgar comment to Keerat.

Just then Gary comes there and slaps Veer’s friend and returns Keerat's Dupatta to her. 

Veer gets angry at Gary for insulting his friend when Angad also gets angry at Gary. 

Sahiba tells Angad that Veer’s friend were misbehaving with Keerat and she would have slapped them if not Gary. 

Angad questions Veer’s friend for daring to misbehave with Keerat while Veer defends his friends and puts all the blame on Gary. 

Seeing Gary once again make a go on them, Angad stops him reminding him that they are Veer’s friend. 

Gary tells him that if he had seen them then he would have reacted the same. 

Angad apologises to his friends telling them it must be Gary’s fault as he is always wrong and tells them that the party is over because they are quite drunk. 

Sahiba shames Angad for apologising to them while Veer defends his friends.

However, Sahiba tells Veer that Keerat was not comfortable with them and he should have realised that. 

Angad tells Sahiba that Veer is the only person who has always stood by the right every time and he is sure that if his friends were making Keerat uncomfortable then he would have taken a stand too. 

Meanwhile, Gary tells Veer that he does not need to be a hero because he has seen Keerat fight and would have taken care of those goons but she stayed quiet because of him. 

Angad tells Gary to stay out of their matter and leave while Sahiba tells Angad that Veer is the wrong person here but Angad tells Sahiba to stop supporting Gary or else he will be very angry. 

Later, Keerat comes to the bathroom trying to make some sense of the situation and why is Veer behaving differently these days. 

She also wants to know why is Gary coming to help her. 

Just then Gary passes from there and feels helpless seeing Keerat cry. 

Keerat also sees Gary’s reflection in the mirror and composes herself. 

Later, Sahiba confronts Angad for insulting her for no reason while Angad tells her that she is trying to prove Veer wrong in front of him. 

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