Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd December 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 2nd December 2023 episode starts with Sahiba locking Mannat in the washroom and then going to Sunny.

She asks if she can sit with him while she waits for Keerat to which he replies that she can sit there but wants to know where Mannat is.

Sahiba tells him that she has an upset stomach and girls need time in washrooms.

Sunny then orders a green tea with jasmine flavour which shocks Sahiba and she asks him how he knows that she likes Jasmine flavour.

However, Sunny says that her scent is Jasmine and that is how he figured when Sahiba asks Sunny where he lives.

He replies that he travels a lot as he has multiple businesses.

Sahiba asks Sunny if he deals in jewellery to which he says that he usually does not do it but he can try.

Mannat comes and tells Sahiba and Sunny that someone locked her in the washroom to which Sahiba pretends to act aloof and says that she thought Mannat was having an upset stomach.

Sunny asks Sahiba if she is done with all her questions which angers Mannat and she asks Sahiba if she was the one who locked her in the washroom.

A staff comes and tells him that he has been given room number 1102 after which Sahiba thinks that somehow she needs a way to talk to Sunny alone.

Sahiba then trips a little which makes Sunny call her name in concern, for a fleeting moment Sahiba wonders as if Angad called to her.

She calls Angad to see if Sunny answers the call but Angad hangs up her call, saying that he is in a meeting.

Meanwhile, Seerat sneaks into Angad's room and tries to open the locker with the codes Garry gave her but the passcodes turn out to be wrong.

Elsewhere, Sunny calls Mannat sweetheart to which she replies that he always called her honey.

He says that she is sweet to which she asks that if this is that sweet then why did he leave her?

She then asks if she can throw a dinner party to which he says yes and then asks Mannat where is her ring.

Mannat tells Sunny everything which angers him so he steps out of the car and says that Mannat did not do the right thing and so did Angad as now he will have to pay for it.

Back at home, Seerat calls Garry and tells him that the passcodes were wrong to which he says that Seerat will have to ask Angad for the passcodes herself.

Seerat asks if he has gone crazy to which he replies something which scares Seerat and she starts stammering, saying that she will find a way.

Meanwhile, Sahiba is waiting in Angad's office for him when he enters and asks what is she doing there.

Sahiba says that she wants to tell him something to which he says that he knows Sahiba met with Sunny Sood as he asking his employee to put an eye on Mannat.

Angad scolds Sahiba for always doing the opposite of the right thing to which Sahiba says that she did not go to meet with Mannat but she followed her.

Angad tells Sahiba that she always decides without thinking just like she did when she decided that she wants a divorce from Angad.

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