Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd January 2024 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 2nd January 2024 episode starts with Sahiba, Angad, and the lawyer going to the judge's cabin which turns out to be empty.

The judge's PA is shocked as it was mere seconds ago that the judge was there, after that Sahiba and the others go out in search of the judge when two guys go in and open a casket in which the unconscious judge lays.

The Judge's PA says that the judge has disappeared into thin air which makes Angad say that they have to find him or else Yashraj will destroy their house.

Meanwhile, Bebe and Daar Ji watch the painful auction of their house's belongings.

Bebe asks not to take an antique as it is very close to their hearts, Yashraj takes the antique and breaks it into pieces.

Yashraj says that they need some excitement to uplift the mood of the place, he picks up Veer's flute and offers Veer to play it but when he does not respond, Yashraj sells the flute for 1 rupees.

Yash says that finally Veer earner something from his music.

He then calls some people to put dynamite all over the Brar Mansion to tear it to the ground, the Brar family is unable to bear the pain.

Bebe yells at Yashraj and asks him why is he doing this to which Yashraj says that he is not only tearing their house down but also their pride as when he was poor, they were the ones who laughed at him and mocked him.

Jaspal decides to call Angad when Yashraj's goon snatches it while Yashraj says that they should watch their loss with their eyes.

Elsewhere, Parth's statement is recorded and he is arrested however Sahiba says that it is of no use because the judge is nowhere to be found.

Elsewhere, the judge is blindfolded and is furious, he says that they have kidnapped a judge and will face severe consequences.

Garry comes there and says there is a mole in their gang who is passing the information to the other side.

Meanwhile, the Brar family begs Yashraj not to tear down their house however, Veer threatens Yashraj.

Yash says that he can click a last selfie with the Brar family and the Brar mansion and will frame the photo as well, Manbeer faints which makes Yash say that Manbeer will have to deal with this new life.

Everyone gathers around Manbeer and is shocked to find out that she is just pretending, she signals Gurleen to cover her face and then whispers to Inder to call Angad and tell him what is happening over here.

Back at the court, Sahiba hugs Angad and starts crying which makes Angad say that they have to stay strong and fight.

Angad then gets Inder's video calls and tells Sahiba that they have to head home immediately.

Meanwhile, the dynamites are placed and Yashraj is all set to explode the house, Bebe rushes to him and begs him to leave their house.

Daar Ji asks Bebe to come back as they are not going to beg him.

Elsewhere, Angad and Sahiba get a text message from someone who tells them that the judge is with him and also sends the live location.

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