Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Akaal and Jabjot telling Sahiba and Angad that they can resolve their differences there since no one will disturb them after which, they walk away.

Sahiba assuming Angad has called her because of the gossip that has been posted in newspapers confronts him, but Angad states that it is not so.

He further urges Sahiba to sit down but Sahiba doesn't listen to him leading Angad to state that if she doesn't sit down, he will break all the chairs.

Sahiba then sits down after which Angad tells Sahiba that someone is stalking her, adding that she is not safe outside.

On the other hand, Mirza watches all of this through a tracker installed in Sahiba's phone while on the other hand, Sahiba tells Angad that even if someone is stalking her, she can deal with it.

Sahiba again accuses Angad of showing fake concern, making Angad state that he is her husband but Sahiba declines to recognize him as one.

She adds that he is a husband who hid things from her, thus concluding that despite Bebe's requests to have her back home, she will have to disobey her.

Sahiba stands up when Bebe and Akaal enter and Sahiba, turning to Bebe states that she can't go back home.

Bebe cites her troubles of a newly married life with Sahiba stating that Akaal and she had differences too, but they resolved it.

She further brings in Manbeer's and Gurleen's married life but Sahiba stands her ground, stating that the situation is such that she can't get back to the house.

Sahiba extends her hands to take Jabjot's palm in hers but Jabjot shifts her hands away and walks away with Akaal.

Angad then accuses Sahiba of hurting Akaal and Jabjot too and walks away while from the other side, Mirza thinks to himself that no one will be there between him and Sahiba. 

Later, Sahiba dreams of Angad spraying water all over her but soon, comes out of her reverie leading her to think to herself that Angad's apology is of less value than the betrayal he indulged in.

She then picks up her phone to unblock Angad's number but to her surprise, finds that it's already unblocked after which she checks his voice message.

Angad's voice message accuses Sahiba of stalking him, adding that she must move on leaving him in tears while at the office, Angad applauds the family for their good work. 

He goes on to discuss other business opportunities with the Brars but Sahiba's call interrupts him leading him to put his phone on silent.

Outside, Manbeer and Seerat agree to coffee when Seerat tells Manbeer that they had great fun shopping today.

However, Manbeer tells Seerat that it was of no use since she shopped everything for Angad, leading Seerat to state that Angad deserves a treat since he is an overgiver.

Suddenly, Sahiba to meet Angad tries to go inside the meeting room but Pam suggests she not do so, since an important meeting is going on.

Still, Sahiba tries to go inside when Seerat comes her way but Sahiba shifts her way leading Manbeer to go after her too.

From outside, Seerat smiles since she thinks that Sahiba will worsen things now while inside, Veer seeing Sahiba, leads the investors out.

Sahiba accuses Angad of blaming her for stalking him, leaving Angad in shock.

She then asks Angad if anything is left in their relationship since he's asked her to end things in the voice message, making the Brar's cluelessly look at them.

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