Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st January 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st January 2024 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 31st January 2024 episode starts with Angad and Sahiba holding hands while Angad says that it seems that she won't be leaving this hand forever.

Sahiba replies that if she could have control, she won't even leave it after her death.

Everyone adores Sahiba and Angad's love for each other and wards off the evil eye.

Sahiba cleans Angad's wound and treats it while Keerat comes and asks what has happened to Angad to which he replies that it's just a small cut.

Sahiba is amazed to see Keerat there but Keerat explains that she has come to wish them their anniversary and Inder adds that he had invited her parents too but they couldn't come.

Sahiba asks Keerat if she is fine after what all happened the previous day to which Keerat replies that she is fine, recalling Veer's slap.

Veer tells Keerat that he needs to talk to her in private and takes her somewhere else.

Seeing this, Hansraj says that Veer is becoming as romantic as Angad is.

Keerat asks Veer if he wants to say sorry for what he did to her yesterday but Veer counter questions her asking for an explanation about what she did today.

He asks her what she was doing with Garry to which Keerat asks if he is spying on her.

He reminds her that he has asked her to stay away from Garry.

Meanwhile, Keerat sees Garry coming and stops while Veer explains that he is marrying her and it doesn't mean that she takes him for granted and says sorry for what he did to her.

He, then, Kisses Keerat on the cheek and hugs her, while Keerat stands still, talking about how the articles and pictures of their honeymoon will be at the top.

Garry goes from there but he and Keerat make eye contact as he turns forward.

On the other hand, Sahiba dresses Angad's wound while Angad says thanks to her, revealing that he too has something for her which he will give her in the morning and asks her not to question it.

The next day, they are about to get into the car when Sahiba asks where they are going but Angad reminds her of her promise.

He blindfolds her while Sahiba ponders over the surprise.

On the other hand, Seerat is reluctant to go back to her house leaving the comforts of Brar house while Santosh calls her and insists on coming.

Seerat tries to come up with a plan which will let her stay there.

Meanwhile, Angad and Sahiba reach their destination Angad takes Sahiba out of the car and removes the blindfold.

Sahiba is shocked to see the court in front of her while Angad takes her inside forcefully ignoring all her questions.

He introduces Sahiba and the lawyer and the lawyer explains the procedure to them while Sahiba stands there still trying to process it all.

Sahiba asks him why is he doing this to which he replies that it is exactly what she wanted to do.

They both discuss it and he explains that it is a solution to break free from this relationship.

Angad asks Sahiba to wipe her fake tears and sign these papers off while Sahiba explains that she is clueless about what he is saying and finally agrees.

Sahiba finally agrees saying that if he wants to end this relationship, she won't stop him and signs the paper recalling her past with Angad with a heavy heart.

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