Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 31st October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 31st October 2023 episode starts with Sahiba telling Jabjot that to save her from Romi's gunshot, Angad came in thus injuring himself.

Jabjot gets sad, thinking that her children had to go through so much while Manbeer accuses Sahiba of troubling Angad and Seerat supports her words.

However, Inder scolds Manbeer following which Akaal asks Sahiba about Angad's whereabouts when Sahiba states that he's in the operation theatre.

In another room, Yashraj enquires about Romi's health and his wrists being handcuffed when Balvinder states that Romi has committed a crime.

On the other hand, the Mongars arrive and get happy seeing Sahiba who then asks about Angad when Sahiba states that he's in a critical condition. 

The family gets worried while Manbeer asks Santosh if she's in peace since her curses regarding Angad come true when Ajeet comes forward.

Ajeet tells Manbeer that he's sorry for his actions but he'll never seek an apology from her since she hurt Sahiba.

Turning to Akaal, Inder and Jabjot, Ajeet begs forgiveness when Inder states that it's fine since any father would have done so.

Further, Inder pledges to Ajeet that he will make Romi's life hell since he has inflicted pain on Angad and Sahiba.

At another dorm, the doctor informs Yashraj of Romi suffering from psychosis, adding that he can never heal when Yashraj feels guilty for never taking Romi to a psychiatrist.

Hearing Romi screaming out Sahiba's name, Yashraj asks the doctor who's Sahiba when Gagan states that Sahiba is Angad's wife, to Yashraj's shock.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Sahiba of Angad getting well and applauds her for bringing in Angad at the correct time.

Manbeer asks the doctor if she can meet Angad and the doctor agrees, adding that she mustn't give much stress to Angad since he's on heavy medication. 

Ahuja asks the doctor when he can take Romi's statement and the doctor states that it's impossible since he's mentally retarded.

This worries Ahuja since Angad has gotten himself into huge trouble while Yashraj wonders what significance Romi's statement carries.

From a ventilator, Sahiba sees Angad cryingly when Jaspal, Gurleen and Veer arrive and upon seeing Sahiba, Veer states that he believed Angad from the start.

Sahiba tells Veer that Angad told her about his cooperation when Manbeer tauntingly asks Veer how was his experience at jail.

Jaspal states that Veer got bailed since there's no proof regarding him when Gurleen enquires about Angad, making Inder say that he's fine.

Just then, Mr Dhillon arrives when Inder asks if Angad got bail, making Dhillon disagree hearing this, Sahiba asks Dhillon how's it possible since she's alive.

Dhillon states that the workings of the court are different, adding that Romi is mentally unstable when Sahiba states that Romi is pretending. 

Akaal asks Dhillon about the next court session and Dhillon states it to be after some days when Manbeer gets frightened as she thinks that Dhillon can't bail out Angad.

Dhillon states that Angad's bail is difficult since he's gotten involved in a lot of problems leading the Brar's to look at Angad worringly.

Gradually, Angad comes to his senses and the family goes inside, but Sahiba watches him from the doorway emotionally instead of coming inside.

Jabjot tells Angad that she has been dying to hear his voice and further asks him to say anything leading Angad to ask for Sahiba who then, comes in slowly.

Coming up to Angad's bed, Sahiba looks at him emotionally and holds his hand leading the couple to get emotional and after a while, Sahiba lets go of Angad's hand gently.

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