Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 4th December 2023 episode starts with Mannat apologising to Sahiba for her past misbehaviour towards Sahiba and giving a gift to mark her apology.

However, Sahiba doesn't receive the gift from Mannat when Angad calls Sahiba, asking her if she has called Mannat.

Sahiba asks Mannat to tell Angad that she didn't call her when Angad came in, enabling Mannat to admire the couple.

Mannat tells Angad that she came here to apologise to Sahiba and apologises to Angad too. 

She presents her gift to Sahiba, making her take the gift while Mannat praises Sahiba's maturity in dealing with the situation. 

Sahiba enquires about Sunny, making Mannat state that Sunny was busy with work which led him to cut off from people.

Mannat states that soon, she and Sunny are going to get married and invites the couple for dinner at Club X at 7 o'clock.

Angad and Sahiba agree after which Mannat drives away while Angad holds his breath to meet Sunny.

At Fandom Hotel, a phone call informs Angad and Sunny meeting, making a masked man smirk as Angad follows his plans.

At the Mansion, Jabjot shows a necklace to Jasleen but she doesn't like it when she receives a designer's call.

Jasleen requests the designer to make her attire as it's urgent for her marriage and after the call, comments on people for judging her.

Jabjot shows another necklace to Jasleen who again denies it as she wants something unique.

Inside, Sahiba decides to ask Angad which dress to wear for the dinner and calls him.

Angad informs Sahiba that he'll come late, asking Sahiba to go when she agrees, asking Angad to come fast.

Downstairs, Seerat gets reminded of the generational necklace and asks Jabjot to give that to Jasleen.

Jasleen praises Seerat while Jabjot decides to ask Akaal and take the necklace from Angad's locker.

On the other hand, Seerat resolves to get the locker's password when the necklace is taken out. 

At the party, Parth greets Sahiba who asks her to treat herself and after a while, Mannat announces Sunny as her fiance to everyone.

From behind, the masked man resolves to make things terrific for Angad while Parth proposes a toast for Mannat and Sunny.

Amidst this, Yash taps on Sahiba's shoulder, making her aware of his presence.

Yashraj comments how Sunny and Angad look alike, making Sahiba agree while Yash states that something is puzzling.

Sahiba asks Yashraj about the matter and Yashraj states that Mannat and Sunny are celebrating as if nothing happened.

Yashraj wonders how Parth forgave Sunny and asks Sahiba to call Angad.

Later, Sunny compliments Sahiba for her beauty when Sunny's friend urges Sunny to celebrate with Mannat.

Mannat and Sunny dance while Sahiba comes out to call Angad when she hears the masked man, asking her to notice Sunny and she follows him.

At the Mansion, Seerat peeks to see the new password of the locker that Jabjot and Akaal are going to put.

Outside, Sahiba tries following the masked man but doesn't get him.

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