Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 4th October 2023 episode starts with Manbeer telling the family that she's thinking of getting Sahiba and Angad divorced, since divorce will bring peace in Angad's life, thus making Seerat happy.

Manbeer decides to get Sahiba and Angad divorced

This leads Inder to rebuke Manbeer, but Manbeer reminds Inder that, even he wanted Sahiba and Angad to get divorced, but because Sahiba helped him, he has changed his colours. 

Manbeer asks Angad to tell Sahiba that he doesn't want her too, making Angad sadly turn to Sahiba and stating that she has brought their relationship to this turn.

However, Sahiba states that she is not to blame when Seerat comes forward and urges Angad to tell things to Sahiba.

Manbeer too supports Seerat's words, but Angad states that since Sahiba decided to leave the Mansion, she better take this decision too.

Sahiba agrees to get divorced 

Sahiba asks Angad if the relationship is only hers and not his, making Angad state that he tried to bring her back home but she never considered his efforts.

He further adds that he wants to rub his hands clean from this matter, thus leading Sahiba to assume that for Angad, his ego is important. 

Sahiba tells Manbeer to get Angad's signature on the divorce paper, after which she'll sign them too and taking one last look at Angad, walks away.

Angad goes after her, followed by Inder while Sahiba walks straight, when Shameen stops her, leading Angad and Inder to come forward too.

Shameen confirms that Sahiba's phone was hacked, following which she tells Sahiba to log out from her accounts.

Sahiba takes the phone and doing so, gives her phone back to Shameen, who then gives her another phone since her hacked phone is needed to trace the hacker.

Sahiba and Angad break down

Inder too, suggests she take the phone since it will let her be connected to people, but Sahiba looking at Angad, states that she has no one to connect to.

Sahiba walks away, without taking the phone, and gradually takes the lift while Angad who was following her, comes near the lift.

She closes the door on him, thus removing Angad's image who gets teary-eyed, while inside the lift, Sahiba breaks down into tears.

Romi follows Sahiba

In the jeep, Romi seeing Sahiba come out and call for an auto, drives in his jeep to follow her while inside, Shameen informs Angad of a notification in Sahiba's phone.

The notification turns out to be a reminder for Simran's birthday, and Angad tells Inder that Sahiba has added this so that he can't forget it.

This makes Inder emotionally state that Sahiba cares for everyone, but Angad sadly states that she doesn't care for him and walks away.

Romi scares Sahiba

At night, Sahiba thinks about Manbeer's decision but gets interrupted by the librarian, who suggests she go out since it's time.

However, Sahiba requests the librarian to stay back, since she missed her classes, adding that she'll lock the door afterwards.

The librarian agrees and walks away, while Sahiba writes down notes but feels a presence around her, unbeknownst that it's Romi.

Sahiba stands up, enquiring about who is it, while Romi, in a dark corner of a library states that it's only she and him today.

This makes Sahiba scared and after a while, Romi claps his hands, thus making a section of the library lit up.

Sahiba walks forward, continuously asking for him to open up when Romi asks if she doesn't know Mirza.

This horrifies Sahiba, who is showered upon by rose petals and screams out, stating he come out.

However, Romi tells Sahiba that he will show his face to her, during the right time, but Sahiba terms him as a stalker.

He then angrily throws in a lamp and tells Sahiba that soon Angad will be her ex-husband, thus shocking her.

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