Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 5th October 2023 episode starts with Romi moving around the library as he tells Sahiba that soon Angad and she, are going to be divorced.

Sahiba states that Angad was right about a stalker, making Romi agree on the other hand, Angad asks Shameen if she has traced down the hacker's location and Shameen says that Romi's location isn't exact, since he used an application that professional hacker's use.

On the other hand, Romi tells Sahiba that Angad doesn't deserve her, making Sahiba angry since she thinks that no one can talk about Angad like that and goes forward to get Romi, but doesn't find him.

Later, Romi tosses Sahiba her dupatta, making Sahiba realise that he was there in her room that night.

Romi states that he was there for countless nights and seeing that, Sahiba is reaching him, quickly hides.

Seeing that Romi isn't there, Sahiba asks him to come up but Romi doesn't come up, further adding that he's dying to hold her in his arms, but before that, he wants Angad dead. 

Meanwhile, Shameen informs Angad that Sahiba's phone was hacked 4-5 days while his, was hacked around 1-2 days back.

In the library, Sahiba says that Romi needs a doctor, making Romi say that he will show her, how much he loves her.

Sahiba thinks of calling the police authorities but realises that she didn't take the phone offered by Shameen.

She tries to open the door but finds it locked when Romi plays a song, but Sahiba comes and stops it.

Sahiba hearing sounds outside, goes to the window and sees Romi's proposal while at Brar's, Seerat asks a servant to pack Angad's food when Manbeer comes in and makes Seerat sit down.

Manbeer feeds her, while Seerat asks her if she has any girl in her mind, leading Manbeer to ask Seerat if she'll marry Angad.

Seerat coughs and Manbeer give her water while on the other hand, Sahiba finds Angad's obituary and Romi's letter, asking if it's fine.

Sahiba knocks on the door, shouting for help while at Brar's, Manbeer asks Seerat if she is willing to marry Angad and Seerat says yes.

Seerat tells Manbeer that her biggest mistake was leaving Angad in the mandap making, Manbeer states that she can rectify her mistake now. 

However, Seerat mentions that Sahiba can do anything while on the other hand, Sahiba reaches a landline to call, but the wires are cut.

Manbeer agrees to Seerat, but at the same time wonders about Sahiba not wanting to divorce Angad.

Seerat tells Manbeer that Sahiba is egoistic, and wants to control Angad, adding that Sahiba's signature can be gained if she gets to know about Angad's second marriage.

Manbeer applauds her plans, following which she asks Seerat to support her in her quest, making Seerat state that she's always with her.

Outside, Romi tries to drive inside Angad's premises, but the security guard stops him, leading Romi to fool him by playing Angad's voice through a new app and he is allowed in.

Amidst all this, Sahiba seeing a student, calls her out but the student doesn't hear her.

Inside, Romi fluctuates the lift's wires and sends him a video of him proposing to Sahiba, while in the office, Angad gets Romi's message and angrily runs out, to reach Sahiba.

He uses the lift but it doesn't operate, following which he uses another lift, but that too doesn't work, leading him to call Shameen for help, when Romi enters, introduces himself to Angad, but Angad can only see his pants.

He introduces himself as the intruder, he dealt with in the function, making Angad state that he will not spare him.

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