Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th October 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th October 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 7th October 2023 episode starts with Seerat taking Manbeer inside Angad's newly furnished room, which makes Manbeer happy, who adds that this will help Angad move on from Sahiba.

Seerat calls Manbeer "Mumma"

She agrees stating that this is the first step to their plan, while Manbeer tells Seerat that Angad will also realise Seerat's value.

Further, she asks Seerat to call her "Mumma" but Seerat blushes.

After a while, Manbeer asks Seerat if she changed Angad's room according to her choice, leading Seerat to state that she didn't. 

This leads Manbeer to tell Seerat that she should start doing so since she will marry Angad shortly and this makes Seerat very happy.

In the cabin, Sahiba tries reaching Angad through the landline but doesn't get him, while Angad reaches the Baweja House and comes out of the car.

Angad tells the guard that he wants to meet Mr Baweja, leading the guard to ask him if he wants to meet the elder Baweja or the younger Baweja.

He tells the guard that anyone would be fine since he has to invite them to his sister's wedding.

Angad then gives his identity leading another guard to come out and let him enter the premises, while the guard calls and informs a member about Angad's presence.

Pam and Surender faint

In the office, suddenly the fire alarm starts off leading Pam and Angad's other office assistants to get worried when they see a smoke enveloping them.

Pam recognizes it as the smoke that makes one unconscious and soon, all of them get unconscious while in the Baweja House, Angad asks a servant about Mr Baweja.

The servant tells Angad that Mr Baweja is in Malaysia, which leads Angad to ask for the younger Baweja, but the servant states that he's absent.

Angad realises that Kartik is Romi

On the other hand, suddenly the lights go out in Angad's cabin making Sahiba worried while on the other hand, Angad looks at Romi's photos.

Taking a portrait, he goes up to the servant asking if he's Kartik, but the servant tells Angad that he's Romi, adding to his shock

Angad resolves to punish Romi and walks away from the house while at Angad's cabin, Romi knocks on the cabin door, feigning to be the security guard.

Romi gets Inside the Cabin

Romi tells Sahiba that she should be out since there's fire all around, leading Sahiba to get out and realise there's no fire.

Sahiba then calls for Pam and Surender, leading her to switch on her phone's flashlight and see Pam and Surender in an unconscious state.

She gets worried and runs inside the cabin, when Angad's chair lits up in fire, leading Sahiba to see an image of Romi.

Sahiba asks the image to show himself and kicks the lit-up chair towards him, after which Romi turns and looks at Sahiba. 

Romi Proposes Sahiba

Since the fire is there in the cabin, water showers down while Sahiba gets shocked seeing that it's Kartik, and asks him about why he's doing so.

Romi tells Sahiba that he loves her, but Sahiba tells him to shut up, when he kicks off the chair and approaches Sahiba.

She accuses him of trying to kill Angad, leading Romi to tell Sahiba that she foiled his plans, since she's bound to Angad by marriage.

Nearing Sahiba, Romi tells her that he'll remove Angad from her life, while Sahiba pushes him away and pointing a vase towards Romi, tells him to not interfere.

Sahiba screams out for help 

In the car, Angad realises that Romi became friends with Veer to stalk Sahiba and gets worried since Sahiba isn't picking up the call.

Meanwhile, the landline rings and Sahiba tries to pick it up while Romi shouts out telling Sahiba that he loves her.

In the car, Angad tries calling Pam since he's not getting Sahiba, but doesn't get Pam too.

Meanwhile Sahiba pushes Romi away and reaching the landline, screams out asking Angad for help, making Angad hurriedly reach the office.

Romi cuts the wires and tells Sahiba to not utter Angad's name, but Sahiba doesn't obey Romi who then angrily throws away things.

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