Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th September 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th September 2023 Written Update: TMD written update

Today's Teri Meri Dooriyan 9th September 2023 episode starts with Inder asking Sahiba that he knows there's some problem between her and Angad, but if she'd tell the family members it'd be better instead of leaving home.

Sahiba fights with Angad

Sahiba tells Inder that she's leaving because she doesn't have a reason to stay with the Brars anymore.

Angad asks Sahiba what's the matter since he had opened up about what he felt while Sahiba asks him to enjoy his life since she'll not be there.

This horrifies Angad who asks Sahiba if she has gone crazy but Sahiba answers back saying that he has no power over her.

Jasleen smirking tells Jabjot and Akaal that she tried to unveil the real Sahiba to them but instead, they insulted her.

Wanting to talk to Sahiba alone, Angad takes her by the hand making Sahiba flinch back telling him that he better not touch her.

Manbeer scolds Sahiba saying that she can't treat Angad in this manner while Sahiba tells her that only she'll understand what she's going through.

Angad asks Sahiba if his feelings have no value to her stating that they could've solved this matter by themselves. 

Hearing this, Sahiba tells him that she can't pretend to be the so-called idealistic couple when everything is in the drains.

She adds that she has considered all his feelings which is why she's leaving the house but Angad accuses her of not accepting his feelings.

This makes Sahiba angrily ask Angad how could he even think of her accepting his feelings.

The Brar's try to Convince Sahiba

Amidst all this, Seerat understands that Sahiba had heard Angad's confession which was supposed to be for her but delivered wrongly to Seerat.

Watching Sahiba and Angad fight, Jabjot tells Gurleen stating that someone has cast their evil eye on the couple.

Sahiba looks at Seerat with angry eyes and noticing this, Jasleen assumes that something is wrong between the sisters.

Seerat blames Sahiba for being stubborn adding that she never understands anyone other than herself.

Gurleen tells Sahiba that every relationship has its ups and downs but that doesn't mean one should leave the house.

Sahiba tells Gurleen that a relationship is made of the comradeship of both people but when the other backs off, it doesn't hold any meaning.

Akaal gravely asks Angad to open up the matter making Veer ask the same to Angad.

Gurleen asks Sahiba to open up too making Veer tell Sahiba that Angad even got cake and flowers to convince her.

Veer begs Sahiba to open up about Angad making Sahiba tell that Angad said what was in his heart and that's why she's leaving the house.

Sahiba stands her ground

Helplessly Angad scolds Sahiba for not moving on from Seerat's love confession adding that she's egoistic. 

Inder silences the couple to stop and tells Sahiba that he'll solve the matter adding that leaving the house isn't helpful. 

Sahiba apologises to Inder stating that there's nothing worth solvable between her and Angad.

She walks away tearfully while Jabjot asks Manbeer why are her children getting separated.

Manbeer tells Jabjot that she doesn't know and goes on to praise Seerat since she's always right.

Inder wanting to talk to Sahiba, walks forward but Angad deems it unnecessary. 

Inside, Sahiba tearfully packs up her bags but in the process sees her college ID card and painting essentials.

She remembers the time Angad gifted her with painting essentials and playfully hid her ID card.

Angad backs off

In a flashback, Angad had insisted Sahiba change her name to Sahiba Brar but Sahiba playfully denied.

At present, Sahiba cries while downstairs, Angad cries during which Veer consoles Gurleen telling her that Angad and Sahiba will reconcile.

Manbeer tells Jabjot that she was wrong for choosing Sahiba while Jasleen adds that Sahiba is selfish. 

Later, Simran enters to gift drawing she's made for Sahiba during which Jabjot insists Angad try talking to Sahiba.

On the other hand, Sahiba advances while downstairs, Angad turns down everyone's pleas to stop Sahiba, all of which are heard by her.

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