The Big Picture 16th October 2021, 17th October 2021, First Episode 1 Updates

The Big Picture 16th October 2021, 17th October 2021, First Episode 1 Updates

The Big Picture 16th October 2021, 17th October 2021 Episode 1: TBP Written Update

Colors TV has come up with a brand new and unique Quiz Show The Big Picture.

The Big Picture (TBP) is an entertainment game show related to photographs with questions & answers and hosted by the unique star Ranveer Singh.

The promo of Big Picture introduces the TBP first contestant of the show who is Karishma Toor who is a lady police constable from Haryana.

During the Big Picture quiz, Karishma tells Ranveer about her interest in running. After the game is over, host Ranveer Singh gifts Karishma a pair of running shoes.

Ranveer goes down on his knees to help her put on the shoes.

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The Big Picture 16th October 2021, 17th October 2021 Episode Promo Update:

The Big Picture 16th October 2021 Written Update (TBP):

Today's The Big Picture (TBP) 16th September 2021 starts with Ranveer Singh welcoming everyone to the first episode of a unique game show The Big Picture.

Ranveer tells that the contestants who will come here will answer 12 questions based on the pictures to win prize money.

Further, the first contestant Karishma Toor is invited to play the quiz. Ranveer welcomes Karishma and shows everyone the video made of her.

Ranveer starts the quiz with the first question.
Q.By what name is this soda drink popularly knowns in northern India?

A. Santa
B. Tanta
C. Banta
D. Kanta

Correct Option: Option (C) Banta

Q. What can you do with this app?

A. Learn a language
B. Buy stocks
C. Find your way
D. Listen to music

Correct Option: Option (C) Find your way

Q. Which of these dances are these women seen in this dress doing?

A. Giddha
B. Garba
C. Lavani
D. Kalbelia

Correct Option: Option (B) Garba

After winning Rs. 20,000 , Ranveer and Karishma dance on Deepika's song Nagad Sand Dhol.

Q. Who is this character who goes off on a honeymoon on her own?

A. Kaya
B. Simran
C. Tanu
D. Rani

Karishma uses the Gharwaale lifeline to help her in the question.

Correct Option: Option (D) Rani

Q. Which sport is this sportsperson associated with?

A. Boxing
B. Gymnastics
C. Wrestling
D. Weightlifting

Correct Option: Option (D) Weightlifting

Q. What did he say India looked like from space?

A. Saare Jahan Se Accha
B. Atulya Bharat
C. Dharti Sunhari Ambar Neela
D. Kinna Sona Des Hai Mera

Correct Option: Option (A) Saare Jahan Se Accha

Further, Ranveer and Karishma show off their steps on the song 'Malhari' from the movie Bajirao Mastani.

Q. Where did this meeting of these two leaders take place?

A. New Delhi
B. Paris
C. Bengaluru
D. Chandigarh

Correct Option: Option (D) Chandigarh

Q. Which of these numbers does not feature in the title of any of his books?

A. 2
B. 7
C. 105
D. 2020

Karishma uses the Indiawaale lifeline to answer her question.

Correct Option: Option (B) 7

Q. This administrator-politician was a national junior champion in which sport?

A. Badminton
B. Shooting
C. Lawn Tennis
D. Chess

Correct Option: Option (C) Lawn Tennis

Q. Name this Aircraft that ferried hundreds of Indians back home from Afghanistan in August 2021.

A. C-130J Hercules
B. Antonov AN-32
C. Airbus A380
D. C-17 Globemaster

Karishma quits the game as she didn't know the right answer and wins Rs. 20 lakhs.

Before leaving, Ranveer gifts Karishma a pair of running shoes.

Later, Ranveer Singh welcomes the next contestant Abhay Singh from Uttar Pradesh.

Q. What are they watching?

A. Lunar Eclipse
B. Solar Eclipse
C. Transit of Venus
D. Meteor shower

Correct Option: Option (B) Solar Eclipse

Q. What does a player signal with this gesture?

C. New Ball
D. Player Substitution

Correct Option: Option (A) DRS

Q. Which character is the actor playing here?

A. Pakshi Rajan
B. Shoaib Khan
C. Prince Bala Dev Singh
D. Veer Suryavanshi

Correct Option: Option (C) Prince Bala Dev Singh

Later, while Ranveer is having a chat with Abhay, Big Screen goes to sleep mode. So, Ranveer Singh will continue The Big Picture quiz with Abhay Singh in the next episode.

End of today's The Big Picture episode.

The Big Picture 17th October 2021 Written Update (TBP):

Today's The Big Picture (TBP) 17th September 2021 starts with Ranveer Singh welcoming back contestant Abhay Singh to continue the game show The Big Picture.

The quiz starts with the first question.
Q. Whose effigy is not burnt during this festival?

A. Ravan
B. Kumbhkaran
C. Meghnata
D. Vibhishan

Correct Option: Option (D) Vibhishan

Q. Which fighter pilot is depicted on this rakhi?

A. K Nachiketa Rao
B. Abhinandan Varthaman
C. Ravish Malhotra
D. Dilbagh Singh

Correct Option: Option (B) Abhinandan Varthaman

Further, Abhay expresses the journey his family has gone through in his childhood which leaves Ranveer in tears.

Q. Which story of Munshi Premchand is believed to have inspired this government scheme?

A. Bade Bhai Sahab
B. Eidgah
C. Kafan
D. Panch Parmeshwar

Correct Option: Option (B) Eidgah

Q. What is the primary element used to make this medal?

A. Copper
B. Iron
C. Tin
D. Zinc

Correct Option: Option (A) Copper

Abhay uses his first lifeline and takes the help of Indiawaale to answer the question.

After answering, Ranveer comes dressed as a girl and asks Abhay to say a 'Shayri'.

Q. Where in India was this photo of the Duchess of Cambridge taken?

A. Kanha
B. Kaziranga
C. Pench
D. Namdapha

Correct Option: Option (B) Kaziranga

Now comes the time for a jackpot opportunity, where the contestant can see a part of the 5 crore image and its question.

Abhay can choose whether he can answer the ques or not if he chooses to answer he'll be shown the options and if he chooses not to answer then they'll continue the quiz step by step.

Q. Which country is the world's largest producer of this crop?

A. India
B. China

Correct Option: Option (B) China

Abhay uses the Indiawaale lifeline to answer this question.

Q. For which of these films has he not won a national film award?

A. Pinjar
B. Satya
C. Bhansle
D. Shool

Correct Option: Option (D) Shool

Abhay didn't know the answer and quits the game, winning Rs. 20 Lakhs. Ranveer Singh gifts Abhay with clothes, a jacket, goggles, and a watch.

End of today's The Big Picture episode.

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