The Big Picture 23rd October 2021, 24th October 2021, First Episode 2 Updates

The Big Picture 23rd October 2021, 24th October 2021, First Episode 2 Updates

The Big Picture 23rd October 2021, 24th October 2021 Episode 2: TBP Written Update

Colors TV has come up with a brand new and unique Quiz Show The Big Picture.

The Big Picture (TBP) is an entertainment game show related to photographs with questions & answers and hosted by the unique star Ranveer Singh.

The promo of Big Picture shows Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor as the guests for the next episodes.

Jhanvi tells Ranveer that during the lockdown there was nothing much to do. So, Jhanvi has learned belly dancing.  Ranveer insists to learn and Jhanvi shows some moves on her song "Nadiyo Paar"

Another promo shows Ranveer asking Jhanvi and Sara to wink. Both the actresses say "Suniye" and then wink at Ranveer.

Ranveer says Jhanvi winks romantically while Sara winks in a way as if she is planning to rob a bank and is saying it secretly.

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The Big Picture 23rd October 2021, 24th October 2021 Episode Promo Update:

The Big Picture 23rd October 2021 Written Update (TBP):

Today's The Big Picture (TBP) 23rd September 2021 

starts with Sara Ali Khan coming on the stage and starting to host the game show The Big Picture. Sara invites Jhanvi Kapoor as the first contestant for the show.

Sara and Jhanvi start with the game when the Big Screen shows a video in which Sara and Jhanvi lock Ranveer in a room to take his place as a host.

At the same time, Ranveer comes running on the stage and tells them that only he is the host of The Big Picture.

Further, Sara Ali Khan tells that whatever price money she and Jhanvi win will be donated to Kailash Satyarthi Foundation which helps girls whose parents are in a problem or have died due to Covid 19, and the girls who have gone through physical molestations are also helped through this charitable trust.

Ranveer starts with the game with the first question
Q. What is the name of this Indian sandwich?

A. Pav Bhaji
B. Misal Pav
C. Usal Pav
D. Vada Pav

Correct Option: Option (D) Vibhishan

Q. What style of pants is she wearing here?

A. Waders
B. Harem Pants
C. Palazzo Pants
D. Jodhpurs

Correct Option: Option (C) Palazzo Pants

Before the next question, Ranveer tells that Sara doesn't know how to wink even though her most famous song is 'Aankh Maare'

Q. Which TV series marked her American debut?

A. Baywatch
B. Quantico
C. A kid like Jake
D. Isn't It Romantic

Correct Option: Option (B) Quantico

Q. What is the name of this electronic device that became popular in the 1980s?

A. Walkman
B. Toyboy
C. Discman
D. Gameboy

Correct Option: Option (A) Walkman

After answering 4 questions correctly, Ranveer shows a video uploaded by Jhanvi where she was doing belly dancing. Ranveer and Sara insist Jhanvi teach them belly dancing and she agrees to it.

Everyone shows off their steps on the song 'Nadiyo Paar'

Q. Which port city is home to this shore temple?

A. Mahabalipuram
B. Vishakhapatnam
C. Puri
D. Kanyakumari

Correct Option: Option (A) Mahabalipuram

Q. Which sports goods company is named after the Greek Goddess whose statue is shown here?

A. Adidas
B. Nike
C. Fila
D. Reebok

Jhanvi and Sara use their first lifeline and ask Ami for the answer
Correct Option: Option (B) Nike

Q. Who did this man assassinate?

A. John F Kennedy
B. John Lennon
C. Robert Kennedy
D. Martin Luther King, Jr

Correct Option: Option (A) John F Kennedy

Q. By what name is this indigenous aircraft known?

A. Cheetah
B. Rudra
C. Chetak
D. Tejas

Correct Option: Option (D) Tejas

Jhanvi and Sara answer this question at the last moment but answer correctly. In this joy, everyone dance to the song 'Zhingaat'

Suddenly, the Big Screen goes to sleep that is the time for the game show to end while Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan win Rs. 10 lakhs for the Kailash Satyarthi foundation.

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