The Kapil Sharma Show 16th January 2022 Written Update: Raveena, Farah on TKSS

The Kapil Sharma Show 16th January 2022 Written Update: Raveena, Farah on TKSS

The Kapil Sharma Show 16th January 2022 Written Update: TKSS WU

Today's Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) 16 January 2022 episode starts with Kapil Sharma greeting his audience with a beautiful song.

Further, Archana Puran Singh introduced the day's guests who are two great friends, the famous producer-director Farah Khan and the ravishing actress Raveena Tandon.

Raveena dances on her popular song 'Tip Tip Barsa Pani' and Kapil joins her.

Seeing Kapil close to Raveena, Farah jumps in between them and pushes Kapil away while continuing to dance.

Further, Farah makes fun of Archana and Kapil's dancing.

After the guests get seated, Kapil jokes on Archana's story of getting the vaccines.

When Kapil informs that the booster vaccines are given to health workers, Farah says that he is also a health worker because laughter is the best medicine.

Seeing a bandage on Farah's leg, Kapil asks Farah how did she get hurt. Farah says that she slipped on her pool stairs.

Farah adds that her daughters came to help her while her son was busy asking for her password for the mobile.

Further, Raveena talks about her latest web series Aranyak.

Later, Kapil mentions Farah choreographing Shakira at the TV awards in Bollywood style.

When Kapil requests Farah to teach the same dance to Archana, Farah says this idea might ruin her as well as Shakira's career.

On Farah's direction, Archana and Kapil dance together on the song 'Pehla Nasha'.

Later, Krushna Abhishek makes an entry as Sapna dances on the song 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani'.

Sapna entertains Farah and Raveena with jokes and tells them about the massages at her parlor.

Further, in the 'Post Ka Postmortem', Kapil reads out the comments on their posts on social media.

After this, Raveena and Farah play a game of guessing food items.

At the same time, Jamie Lever arrives there and makes the guests laugh to their fullest.

While leaving from the stage, Jamie mimics her father, Johnny Lever, Farah Khan, and Asha Bhonsale.

Further, Kapil and the guests hear some of the audience's interesting stories.

Meanwhile, Sudesh Lehri comes is as Kapil's Chachaji. Chachaji says that he is leaving Kapil's house. Kapil checks his bag and finds his own belongings.

Chachaji says that the bag is Kapil's that's why the belongings are also his.

Lastly, Kapil thanks Raveena and Farah for coming to his show and bids goodbye to them.

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