Titli 10th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 10th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 10th June 2023 episode starts with

Bhakti telling Titli to consider this balloon Rahul’s heart which will never burst.

Just then the balloon bursts and Titli watches Rahul sitting with another girl and experience a shock and misunderstands him. 

Bhakti wants to confront Rahul but Titli tells her to leave him be.

Just then she gets a call from Rahul who asks her to come back as he wants to introduce her to someone.

Later, Titli looks curiously at Bhairvi while Bhairvi tells her that she will always be above her in Rahul's life. 

Rahul introduces her as sister-in-law which makes Titli feels relieved while Rahul questions her for assuming Bhairvi as his girlfriend. 

Further, Titli gets a call and rushes back home telling him that they are very late. 

Titli does not understand the sarcastic tone of Bhairvi when she tells her that she needs to be more careful at hiding things from her and that she will not be able to win over her. 

Kakima Shames Heral

Later, Kakima is decorating the house while worrying about Titli who is yet to come. 

Just then Heral comes home holding a large packet of her dress and tells her that she has bought a dress for her. 

On being asked about getting money for such an expensive dress, Heral tells her that she took them from her purse. 

Kakima shames her for taking the money that was meant for Titli. 

Heral begins to play the emotional card telling her that she is tired of hearing Titli’s Puran and claiming that she is better than Titli. 

Kakima tells her to give her dress to Titli as it is her special day while Heral refuses saying that Titli is used to having second-hand things but she is not.

Just then Baa also comes there and favours Heral telling her that now it is Heral’s turn to look good as Titli’s match is already made. 

Just then Titli also comes there and tells Kakima to not worry as she will make her own dress and it will look equally fabulous. 

Titli Wins Over Everyone

Later, Titli’s family welcomes Rahul and his family while his mother tells Baa that she has been waiting for this day for so long and only hopes that everything takes place smoothly. 

Seeing curiosity in Baa’s eyes to see Bhairvi she introduces her as her daughter in law. 

On the other hand, Heral uploads her new look in Lehanga on social media while Baa asks her to bring Titli.  

Seeing Rahul searching for Titli, Kakima tells that he will have to wait a little longer for his bride. 

Meanwhile, Heral tells her viewer to hold their breath to see “Ajooba” and turns her camera towards Titli’s room from where she is coming.

As Titli comes out, everyone is mesmerised to see her while Heral's face falls to see Titli’s amazing dress. 

After a while, Bhairvi could not bear to see Rahul and Titli together and moves aside to wipe her tears. 

Meanwhile, Baa comes to her sympathising with her for missing her husband and asks her how many children she has. 

On hearing they have none, she asks her to get herself checked by a good doctor to find out if anything is wrong with her. 

Seeing Bhairvi’s sad face, Titli apologises to her for Baa’s comment. 

Later, the Gor Dhana (engagement) ceremony is performed successfully and Titli looks at her dead parent's photos while missing them. 

Kakima Opposes Hasty Marriage

After a while, Pandit Ji tells Baa about the auspicious day for marriage is in two days. 

Kakima gets worried about the hurry while Rahul’s mother tells her to not delay as Rahul’s holidays are coming to an end.

Reading the worry on Titli’s face, Rahul excuses himself to talk with Titli and asks her if she is not happy with the date. 

Titli tells him that she has a problem with the hurry that this relationship is proceeding with and she is not able to assimilate this change. 

Meanwhile, Rahul tells her that he understands her anxiousness but he does not want to be away from her anymore as he is afraid of losing her. 

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