Titli 11th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 11th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 11th June 2023 episode starts with Rahul telling Titli that she is the one who completes her and he does not want to lose her.

Titli falls for Rahul's line and lets go of her fears of feeling at the top of the world. 

Rahul forwards his hand toward Titli and asks her if she is ready to spend her life with him as he proposes to Titli for marriage.

Titli gets surprised to see Rahul kneel in front of her and gives her hand to Rahul as she has started to believe in him and has faith in what God has decided for her.

After Titli and Rahul come outside to join the others, Rahul's mother says they need to do a blood test on Titli, which confuses the family members.

Rahul's mother explains to them that Titli will need a visa to go to Dubai and medical tests are required to get a visa issued.

As Titli says that she does not have a passport, Rahul's mother assures her that she would make one for her and welcomes the person from the lab who has come to draw the blood.

Titli gets nervous about seeing the needle while Rahul comes and holds Titli's hands to comfort her and let her know that he is there with her.

After the blood is taken, the lab person leaves and Rahul's family also bids farewell as they have to prepare everything in the next two days.

Titli's family sits together and discusses everything when Baa asks Titli if she knew that Rahul has a brother to which Titli says that she was unaware of that until she met Rahul and his sister-in-law.

Baa talks about how Rahul's brother and his wife have a failed marriage as they have no children even after five years of marriage.

Titli says that a couple can choose not to have children to which Baa objects ardently and says that marriage is done primarily to give birth to children and she should get Titli's good news within one year after her marriage.

Titli feels uncomfortable hearing such things and tells Bhakti that everything is moving on at a superfast pace and her marriage and children are also getting planned.

After everyone leaves to rest, Titli hears the door and finds the lab person panting at the door as he has forgotten some papers.

Titli goes inside to look for them while Rahul's mother calls that man and asks him to ensure that no one sees those papers as the blood test was meant to determine if Titli can become a mother or not.

The man does not tell Rahul's mother about Titli searching for the papers and gets nervous as Titli finds the form and brings it to him.

However, while correcting her name, Titli spots the title of the form and discovers that it is a fertility testing form.

Titli tells the matter to Bhakti who asks her to talk to Rahul but Baa says that nothing is wrong with what they did as Rahul's family has the right to know whether their daughter-in-law can give birth to a child or not.

The next day, Hiral gets a call from Garv who commands the employees to take care of a special client who will be visiting them later.

However, the client tries to molest a female employee as she goes to him to give a file and gets beaten up by Garv who says that it is the girl's choice to wear whatever she wants.

Meanwhile, Titli decides to talk about the matter to Rahul after thinking a lot and spots Rahul almost beating up the lab guy after he discovers that his mother tried to do a fertility test.

Rahul apologizes to Titli for what happened and asks her to trust him at least to which Titli admits that she trusts Rahul sincerely.

Titli asks Rahul to tell her everything that he wants or thinks and leaves while Rahul smirks evilly as he stares at Titli from behind.

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