Titli 12th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 12th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 12th June 2023 episode starts with Ttlie astonishingly looking at the lehenga she and her Kaki-maa had seen in the store before.

It is a surprise for Titlie as she wasn’t expecting her Kaki-maa would buy her the lehenga.

She gazes upon Kaki-maa who is standing across the room and thanks her for this lovely gift.

Kaki-maa clarifies that this gift is a symbol of her motherly love for Titlie, who is soon getting married to Rahul.

Titlie questions Kakimaa whether Rahul will love her the same way she does, to which Kakimaa replies that he will not only love her the same but also prioritize her over everything. 

Just then, Bhakti enters and is also surprised by the beautiful lehenga that Kakimaa has given to Titile.

Kakimaa asks Bhakti to help Titlie get ready as Rahul and his family would be there any minute.

Titlie's Sangeet!

Later, everyone arrives at the sangeet and compliments Titlie on how she looks.

Rahul also asks her if he is looking good, to which Titlie nods and agrees.

However, they get interrupted by Bhairavi who offers to introduce Titli to Rahul’s best friend.

Rahul’s mom gifts Titlie a saree, so Titlie goes and puts it on her bed.

Before Titli can check it what is inside, she hears some music and rushes down to perform as she and Rahul are about to go first.

However, to her surprise, Hiran decides to go first while Kakimaa is not happy about this, so she approaches Hiran angrily but is interrupted by Titli who requests her to let Hiran perform.

Everyone enjoys Hiran’s dance and applauds her while Titlie and Rahul go to perform but Rahul hesitates to dance on the stage.

Titlie assures him that she will take off everything and that he has nothing to worry about.

Their performance starts as an act about how Titlie and Rahul met, followed by a dance.

After the performance, Kakimaa appreciates the couple for their dance while Bhakti shows the video that she recorded of Titlie and Rahul dancing.

Bhairavi creates doubt

Titlie notices that Bhairavi doesn’t look happy, as if she doesn’t approve of them marrying. 

She asks Bhairavi if she is sad about the fact that her husband wasn’t present there.

Bhairavi nods hesitantly and agrees to whatever Titlie says and panics when Titlie asks her to call him.

However, Rahul’s mom quickly saves the situation by saying that Mukul is always busy at work and doesn’t attend any calls whatsoever.

Rahul’s mom cautions Bhairavi about being gloomy because if anyone gets to know about the intention of Rahul marrying Titlie, they would be in great trouble.

After the sangeet, Kakimaa shares that she is feeling dejected about marrying Titlie off as she loves her so much.

She asks her to wear the saree Rahul’s mom had given her.

Titli doubts Rahul and his mother

When Titli wears it, it looks stunning but she notices how the saree is old with multiple stains.

She calls Kakimaa to inspect the saree and is worried that Rahul has lied to her about it as he told her that he would get her the saree himself.

Kakimaa asks Titlie not to overthink the situation as it is a tradition in many houses to wear handed-down clothing.

On the other hand, Garv’s sisters ask him to talk to the host of a radio show as they’re excited about winning a prize.

Garv is quick to refuse as he has work to do but his sisters insist that he should answer to win the prize.

Garv on the topic of Love

The host asks Garv to give his views on love to which Garv replies that it is just a word that is meaningless if a person isn’t loyal because loyalty is proof that a person can love another person.

He adds that trust can not be built overnight as the people who are in love should understand each other.

Titli is glued to the radio, listening to Garv’s answer and this gives her the idea to confront Rahul about the saree, as it isn’t healthy to have doubts regarding your partner in a relationship.

She calls Rahul but little does she know that Bhairavi snatches his phone so that he doesn’t get distracted by her.

Bhairavi makes it clear that no one is allowed to third wheel between her and Rahul while Rahul is using Titlie as a vessel to get a baby.

Bhairavi talks about her insecurity regarding Titlie being close to him, as she is solely married to Rahul only.

She breaks into tears justifying that she can no more handle sharing her husband with Titlie.

Rahul grins and hugs her to comfort her while Titlie talks to Krishna Ji, telling him that she doesn’t feel right about all this. 

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