Titli 15th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 15th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 15th June 2023 episode starts with Titli gripping Rahul's watch tightly, eagerly awaiting the moment to expose him to her family.

Unbeknownst to her, Rahul has deleted all the photos of him and Bhairavi to avoid scrutiny.

Titli is taken aback when Bhavik reveals that he sees no issue with the watch.

She opens up about Bhairavi not being Rahul's sister-in-law but his wife.

Speculating that all three of them want a child from her, Titli shares this information with her other family members.

Rahul's mother swiftly jumps in, pretending that Titli is fabricating a grand lie, while Titli does her best to expose them.

Titli involves Bhairavi in the conversation, pleading with her, to tell the truth about Rahul and his mother, as they coerced her into silence while Rahul planned to marry someone else.

In that tense moment, Bhairavi cunningly denies all of Titli's allegations against Rahul and his mother.

She asserts that Titli is mentally ill and can't stop suspecting people.

In the meantime, Rahul's mother discusses her thoughts about allowing Titli and Rahul to marry, citing the significant insult Titli has caused to their family.

Ramesh, Kakimaa, and Baa plead with Rahul's mother, emphasizing that denying their marriage would be a huge disrespect.

Titli firmly defends her position, explaining that she no longer wishes to marry Rahul due to her awareness of Rahul’s true intentions.

They depart from the wedding venue, leaving Ramesh traumatized and consumed by anger.

He expresses how Titli defamed him in front of everyone, causing him to lose all the respect he had earned over the years.

Suddenly, Baa lashes out at Titli, stating that she doesn't deserve to get married but soon collapses due to the overwhelming drama.

The family takes her to the hospital while Titli feels immense disappointment as she finds herself unsupported and wrongly accused by her family members of breaking her marriage.

Overwhelmed, she rides her scooter until she reaches a cliff by the beach.

Blaming her Ladoo Gopal Ji for complicating everything in her life, she accuses him of stealing her happiness.

In a dangerous moment, her leg slips off the cliff, but Garv comes to her rescue just in time, saving her life.

Titli clings to him tightly, seeking the much-needed hug at that moment.

Meanwhile, all of this was happening, Titli’s saree catches itself on fire from the lantern hung at one of the poles, and Garv rushes to extinguish the flames that slowly covered Titi’s saree.

He holds her hand and doesn’t let go of it as Titli tries to free her way to go stand on the cliff again.

He tries to understand why Titli is upset and assumes that the person she wanted to marry rejected her.

But Titli clarifies that she is the one who decided not to marry that person and further clarifies that she didn’t want to commit suicide but get answers to some of her questions.

Garv expresses that as a lawyer, he does not have the authority to pass judgment on others, but rather must observe and analyze people to comprehend them.

Titli now speculates that Garv has arrived at this location because he may have lost the case he wanted to win and says that he can share the details with her without the fear of judgment.

Upon being asked again, Garv discloses that he is currently representing a case involving a child whose father possessed a loaded gun.

Tragically, the child fired the gun at his brother, resulting in his sibling's death.

Garv's objective is to deliver justice for the boy, as he holds the father accountable for keeping a loaded firearm in their household.

They disagree with the concept of luck and the appropriate way to express gratitude for everything.

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