Titli 16th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 16th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 16th June 2023 episode starts with Garv telling Titli that the next can be worse than the present day and that even her future husband can be worse than the one she rejected.

However, Titlie interrupts him by saying that the man could be the best of the best and tells him that they should think positively of the future rather than negatively.

As she is leaving stating that she needs to see dreams, she falls to the ground.

With an expressionless face, Garv tells her that he warned her that the ones who dream fall face first on the ground.

Titli once again retorts by saying that those people have a hope rope that helps them get back on their feet.

As she starts walking away, Garv stops her once again telling her to not wear the nose ring the next time she dresses up as she looks worse than she already is.

Titlie gets offended and tells him to not look at her as only her Mr. Right has that right and leaves as she flies her dupatta in his face.

As they both start walking their different ways, Garv stops to take a call while Titli picks up her fallen dupatta from the bridge and leaves.

Back at home, Kakimaa Jayshree worries about Titli's whereabouts while Ramesh continues getting calls from vendors asking if they will get their money or not.

Bhavik gets a call from Bhakti who informs him that she has no idea about Titli.

Hiral makes her father sit and talks ill about Titli while trying to coax the family into letting her go to Mumbai.

Bhavik calls her out while Hiral argues that she did not find anything on Rahul's social media that could prove him to be married.

Titli announces her presence just then by telling Hiral that Rahul is not her brother-in-law and that she did not do anything wrong.

Jayshree runs to hug Titlie and Bhavik joins them as they take her to her room.

Elsewhere, Kokila continues taunting her maid on how to mop the floor.

She even starts doing the mopping herself to teach the maid when two men in suits come there and dirty her floor.

Kokila angrily rebukes them telling them who let them in and argues with them while calling out to Paras and Ramesh.

However, she stops as soon as she sees Manikant.

The men ask him who the lady is to stop them while Manikant tells them to guess based on Kokila's clothes.

The guests leave while Manikant enters the just-cleaned floor with muddy shoes and starts rebuking Kokila stating that it is his, Manikant Mehta's house, not hers.

Garv comes there just then and tells him that she remembers everything.

The scene changes to Jayshree helping Titlie remove her jewelry as she tries to hold back her tears.

She apologizes to Titli for not being able to remove problems from her life while Titli says that her dupatta had caught fire but she saved herself she removed it from herself.

She uses this as an example as she tells Jayshree that the Mandap's fire could have burned away her happiness.

Jayshree asks her if she got attached to Rahul or not.

Titlie nods saying that she did get attached to Rahul but did not fall in love with him.

Assuring Jayshree, Titli tells her that she will move on and find someone who loves her fully.

Back at the Mehta house, Garv tells Manikant that Kokila is his mother figure and that she handles everything happening in the house.

Manikant states that she should stay within her limits and talks about how both his clients and Monica's wedding decorators left because of her.

Garv tells him that he'll manage and Manikant leaves while Kokila calms Garv and asks him if he'll bring back the decorator.

Garv nods and Kokila gets happy as she says that she'll not fight with him anymore.

She makes him sit as she mops the floor of the dirty shoe prints from Manikant's shoes.

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