Titli 17th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 17th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 17th August 2023 episode starts with Titli going somewhere while Drishti stops her and taunts her for not being able to prove herself innocent.

However, Titli replies to Drishti that she still has 22 hours left and no one knows, a miracle can happen.

On the other hand, Ishaani snatches the phone from Ankit's (inspector) hand and deletes the picture from Garv’s chats through which the inspector was attempting to trigger Garv’s anger.

Ishaani tells Ankit that for her revenge's sake, they cannot do wrong to an innocent like Titli.

Elsewhere, the ladies are appreciating Titli for taking care of everyone and for protecting Koyal's reputation in society.

Meanwhile, Koyal asks everyone to change their clothes to proceed with Aarti while Maina neglects Titli's presence just like a forgotten book on the dusty shelf.

Just then, Maina tells Monika's mother-in-law that she is very happy that now there are no complaints or grievances between the two families.

However, Monika's mother-in-law gives all the credit to Titli and says that Koyal and Maina are very lucky to have a daughter-in-law like her.

Monika asks why Garv didn't bring any gift for Titli while Garv says that he knows what to bring for his wife because, after all, Titli has kept a fast for him.

Garv brings an extravagant diamond jewellery set from his room, which infuriates his family, particularly Manikant. 

However, Maina advises Manikant not to make a fuss in front of Monika's in-laws.

Meanwhile, Dhara and Drishti start teasing Garv and tell him to make Titli wear it with his own hand.

Garv wonders about him being the best husband and has brought the gift more expensive than Aditya did.

Elsewhere, Manikant is applying vermillion to Maina, and at that moment, Alpa intentionally bumps into Koyal, causing Koyal to push Maina aside.

She replaces Maina which forces Manikant to apply vermillion to Koyal instead.

Maina becomes extremely furious and screams at Koyal, accusing her of deliberately doing it. 

In that instant, Manikant refers to Koyal as a despicable woman when Garv fails to tolerate this.

Garv advises Manikant to mind his language and choose his words wisely while informing him that Koyal did not do it on purpose.

Meanwhile, Titli intervenes to restrain Garv, but Maina and Manikant begin yelling at her, escalating the conflict within the family.

However, Koyal asks everyone to stop fighting and she begs in front of Maina that she didn’t do it intentionally.

Just then, Titli faints which makes Garv tense and he instantly picks her in his arms taking her to their room.

The doctor advises Titli to take medicine while Koyal informs him that she has kept a fast for her husband.

However, the doctor tells her that it’s not a valid reason when it comes to health.

Garv spots Titli taking the medicine and he curses her for breaking her fast which she kept for Garv’s long healthy life.

Meanwhile, Garv hears Koyal complaining about Titli breaking her fast just for medicine while Monika defends Titli and tells her that she is not well.

Afterwards, Titli is taking a nap when Garv enters being blind in fury and he starts showering water on her while Titli asks him to stop.

Garv yells at her for not even being able to complete her fast for him and compares Titli to himself as he even got hit with a truck just to save her.

He keeps yelling at Titli that she doesn’t love him and just then, Titli shows him the medicine that she hasn’t eaten yet which shocks Garv.

This makes him feel guilty instantly while Titli says that everytime, she has to prove her love for him and tells him that he has to trust her.

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