Titli 17th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 17th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 17th July 2023 episode starts with Titli weeping, missing Chintu in her Haldi ceremony as she sits down for the rituals.

She recalls their childhood moments when she fed her little brother Makhan dressed as Ladoo Gopal.

Just then Chintu comes and surprises her while pointing out towards Garv and his family who walk in at the same time.

Excited Titli thanks Garv for forgiving Chintu when Garv replies that he can do anything to return back her lost smile.

All the family members get happy while Koyal proudly proclaims that no one can find a genuine guy like Garv.

Meanwhile, Bhakti asks Jayshree why everyone is praising Garv even after he did wrong and states that a man who cannot control his anger is a dangerous person.

The ceremony begins as Chintu and all of Garv's sisters apply haldi to the couple.

Meanwhile, Monica asks them to perform a dance to commemorate their Haldi event.

Garv offers a hand for Titli as all of the cousins and the couple groove together to the beats of "Saajanji Ghar Aaye".

Later, Garv pulls aside Titli and applies Haldi on her stating that from now she solely belongs to him.

At the same time, a bunch of policemen enters with the jewelry shop manager accusing Paresh of stealing 15 lakh rupees.

Titli steps forward and tells the manager that he might be having some misconception while Jayshree joins her hands in front of him and tells Paresh will never do anything as such to defame himself.

The manager counters them back asking that they should wonder how a normal jewelry polisher could afford such a posh wedding.

Jayshree explains to them that they have their daughter's wedding today but Paresh reminds silent throughout.

Meanwhile, Garv asks the manager if he has any proof while he threatens him back saying his advocate with proof everything.

Garv declares that he will act as a lawyer from Paresh's side when the police take away Paresh.

Manikant states that he does not want to continue his relationship with the thief's family.

Meanwhile, Titli gets her helmet and is about to leave when Koyal stops her saying that it is ominous for a bride to leave home after Haldi.

Garv assures her he will accompany her and asks if Koyal would have stopped him or Manikant in Titli's place.

At the police station, Paresh explains to the manager that he did withdraw money from him due to helplessness as the loan was not yet sanctioned.

Agitated, the manager goes on to slap Paresh when Titli stops him.

She tells him that Paresh has always considered him as his elder brother, even worked during Corona time when all staff denied to work, and also sent food for him and his family when they were affected.

The manager's lawyer bashes Titli and Paresh when Garv enters and threatens him.

The lawyer gets scared and mocks that Garv takes care of both his case and the opponent's lawyer.

Later, Paresh explains to Titli about his ideals and admits his mistake when Garv says that they need to pay back the amount.

Titli says she will arrange the money or be his guarantee but Garv denies this.

Titli cries that everything is happening due to her wishes when Garv assures her that he will handle everything.

Later in Mehta's house, Garv asks Manikant to become the guarantee to which Manikant agrees but asks Maina to call back the relatives and ask them not to come as they have called off the wedding.

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