Titli 19th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 19th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 19th August 2023 episode starts with Maina asking everyone to leave the topic for now as they are already late for the ritual while Garv yells that he won’t help Titli to open her fast.

This shocks everyone especially Koyal as for her, completing this ritual is very important since it will affect Garv’s health and life.

However, Titli follows Garv to their room when she sees Garv taking out a printout for her which states that Titli wants to file a complaint against him for physically and mentally abusing her.

Garv hands over the paper to her while Titli instantly tears the paper and makes an attempt to convince Garv that she never filed a complaint against him.

Meanwhile, Garv feels so suffocated as he can’t tolerate the betrayal coming from Titli and says that his heart is aching so much, not because Titli filed a complaint against him, but because she’s continuously lying about it.

Garv reveals the reason behind giving her three days and says that he wanted Titli to prove herself innocent in front of Manikant and everyone but she miserably proved Manikant right.

Just then, Titli says that rather than trusting his eyes, he needs to trust his heart and expresses her feelings by telling him that if she wanted to file the complaint against him then, she must not have tolerated the slap.

Instead, Titli put efforts to hide the bruise on her face, just to protect Garv’s reputation and that’s when Garv finds himself trapped in emotions and evidence.

Garv starts destroying things around him which scares Titli and everyone rushes into their room and finds Garv in a horrible condition.

Koyal instantly starts targeting the soft target ‘Titli’ and blames her for not loving Garv.

Titli defends her love for Garv and announces that she will not open her fast until Garv will help her in opening it.

On the other hand, Hiral enters the house and starts packing her bags while everyone starts questioning her about it when Hiral being the actor starts her performance with a theme to make everyone believe her.

Hiral says that no one believes her and picks up the knife faking harming herself but her unaware family members start panicking and Paresh tells her how much he believes her.

However, Paresh being the victim of emotional blackmail tries to convince Jayshree too for believing Hiral while Hiral tells herself that she won’t let live Titli in this house too.

Elsewhere, Ankit tells Ishaani about Titli being left with only 14 hours only to prove herself innocent and when she’ll fail, it will trigger Garv’s anger which will make him do something scary with Titli.

Listening to this, Ishaani is shocked since she knows how passionate Garv’s love and anger are and she is scared for Titli.

On the other hand, a parcel arrives at Mehta’s residence and the delivery boy tells Koyal about the payment of Rs.70,000 which has already been done online.

Koyal is shocked to hear the numbers and yells Titli's name to come outside which attracts everyone in the living room when Koyal accuses her of not caring about money and being irresponsible.

However, Titli is confused and questions Koyal while Koyal tells everyone about the numbers and everyone starts blaming Titli for wasting Garv’s money.

Just then, Monika tries to defend Titli but Maina keeps yelling at Titli for lying again and again which makes Titli request Koyal and Monika to at least support her for 13 hours.

When everyone leaves, Titli makes the most difficult guess and calls Hiral accusing her of using Titli's card for the payment while Hiral keeps the phone on speaker and cries in front of Paresh.

Paresh scolds Titli for accusing Hiral again and again and hangs up the call.

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