Titli 1st August 2023 Written Update

Titli 1st August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 1st August 2023 episode starts with Manikant yelling at the Inspector and telling him to listen to what Titli is saying and leave.

The inspector continues to tell Titli that she is well educated still she is supporting domestic violence and is blindly trusting Garv while Garv asks him to be within his limits.

Titli asks Garv to calm down and not take too much stress as she will handle it.

She joins her hand in front of the inspector asking him to leave but Garv refuses Titli to join her hands.

However, when the inspector was leaving, Manikant stops him to ask the name of a person who filed a complaint and the inspector tells the name 'Gumnaam' (without a name).

Just then, an angry Hiral speaks ill about Titli in her mind since Titli ruined her full-fledged plan.

Elsewhere, Aditya is trying to convince his mom for letting Monika go to see Garv in the hospital while his mom being stubborn refuses straightly and tells him that Garv is still alive, he's not dead which enrages Monika and she yells.

However, Monika's mother-in-law tells her to mind her tongue while Aditya is trying to convince her mom.

Garv and Titli get romantic

Elsewhere, Garv gets discharged from the hospital, and Titli helps him to lie down on the bed.

She tells him to rest and that she will bring him some juice when Garv holds her hand and puts her back to sit next to him.

Garv conveys to Titli that if she still believes that he deliberately pushed her, then he is fine with the penalty she will impose on him.

Titli interrupts him with her finger on his lips, kissing his forehead when Dhara and Drishti enter Garv and Titli's room with a Vanilla shake but catch them sharing their moment which creates an awkwardness.

Dhara and Drishti decide to leave but Titli stops them, while Drishti playfully warns Garv to drink a vanilla shake because it was made by Dhara.

Just then, Garv mentions that he misses Monica's presence too.

Afterward, Titli goes to Koyal and starts irritating her in the kitchen while she is cutting the onions.

Titli gets shocked

Koyal taunts her that Titli will file a case against her too but Titli denies it and holds her foot, saying that she won't leave it until Koyal forgives her and Koyal agrees to make her learn to abide by the rules of the house.

In the meantime, Titli insists Koyal teach her cooking and they bond together while cooking.

Elsewhere, Manikant is talking to the inspector to find out the name of the person who filed a complaint against Garv when Titli enters their room with snacks and hears Manikant speaking ill about her.

Titli jolts and drops the tray on the floor and apologizes to them and tells them that she will clean it and is about to leave.

Meanwhile, Maina is telling Manikant to talk patiently with Titli while Titli stops and tells them that she knows her presence is new for them and she is also struggling to understand but she will try her best to abide by the rules of her family.

However, Titli is concerned about Monika's in-laws and is feeling sorry for Monika.

Elsewhere, Monika's doorbell rings and there are many flower bouquets kept outside the door while they learn about Titli's presence and Monica's mother-in-law gets angry about it.

Titli tries to please Monika's in-laws by blaming Garv's anger but also praises Garv for his humanity.

Garv gets angry

At home, Garv wakes up and comes out of his room when he hears Dhara and Drishti talking about Monika's in-laws not letting Monica come to see Garv which enrages Garv.

On the other hand, Monika's mother-in-law is blaming Garv for disrespecting her family while Titli still trying to please and insist on her.

Garv is yelling at Dhara and Drishti for not telling him anything about Monika and he snatches their phone and starts listening to Monika's audio.

Dhara and Drishti stress since Garv is angry and is looking out for the car keys everywhere.

In the middle of Titli convincing Monica's mother-in-law, Monica's doorbell rings again which stuns them.

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