Titli 1st July 2023 Written Update

Titli 1st July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 1st July 2023 episode starts with Maina delivering breakfast to Bapuji but seizes the tray before placing it infront of him.

She mocks at him telling he gave all the rights and respect to Koyal despite Maina delivering the heir of the house and rather treated Maina like a mere member as her second marriage with Manikant is illegal.

Meanwhile, Manikant walks in calling out for Maina by the door which makes Maina perplexed.

On the other hand, Titli pricks her fingers to bleed while working with flower garlands thinking about Garv when Jayshree Kakimaa notices and shuns her.

Concurrently, Garv talks to himself how he can choose between Koyal and Titli when Hiren Kaka walks in and shares that he had a similar situation in his past where he could not stand for his love.

He advices Garv to listen to his heart by leaving everything else to God's mercy.

Meanwhile, Titlie shares that she is not able to forget her past rather connects it with every good thing.

Kakimaa explains even she had to let go of her past to move on to a brighter present and advices Titli to do the same.

On the other hand, Manikant tells Maina to keep Koyal out of the rituals when Koyal overhears them and tries to explain Manikant but he ignores her.

Later, Garv visits the temple and prays to God to help him earn Titli's trust and create a never ending bond between them while he requests Panditji to let him do some service in the temple.

Panditji asks him whether he is comfortable to clean the temple premises and later bathe the God, to which Garv agrees and works tirelessly to clean the temple.

Meanwhile, Baa asks Jayshree if Sanket called to which Jayshree denies while Titli exclaims she wants more contracts so that she fulfills her dreams to open her own flower shop.

Concurrently, Garv overhears two men discussing about the Grand Krishna puja being conducted in the temple but are short of decorators.

Garv goes to them and suggests that he can provide them with Ahemdabad's best decorator while they tell him that they have already fixed one.

Furious, Garv threatens them by saying he will expose their fraud of looting temple money by pretending to be a lawyer.

All of them agree to contact Titli for the decorations.

Meanwhile, Titli gets excited to receive a contract for the decoration of the temple.

Later, when Titli enters the temple, Garv freezes and smiles absurdly looking at her.

Garv showers flowers on Titli while she shuts her eyes and prays and serves her the prasad.

Later, when Titli trips by the stairs Garv grips her hands and pulls her towards him, embracing her tightly.

Meanwhile, Koyal asks Drishti about Garv to which she replies that he left early morning hastily without having breakfast while Koyal doubts whether Garv went off behind Titli.

Concurrently, Paresh comes into the temple to pick Titli back from her work and wonders that in this pretext he can sight God's view.

On the other hand, Garv notices Titli's dupatta catching fire when he removes it and tries to put off the fire with his hands.

Titli brings in water and wipes off the fire while Garv ensures of Titli is okay.

Titli tells she is rather hurt seeing Garv's burnt hands when Garv smiles and tells they are like fire and water, who do not have any parallelism but when they mix, their relation becomes spiritual and they lock their eyes.

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