Titli 20th August 2023 Written Update

Titli 20th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 20th August 2023 episode starts with Paresh yelling at Titli for blaming Hiral for everything wrong that happens while Hiral smirks that being in a lawyer’s house, Titli is still not able to prove herself innocent.

On the other hand, Drishti panics since Koyal has ruined her whole plan by creating a scene about the dress’s price and she recalls what happened earlier.

Drishti recalls that Titli was in a hurry and she dropped her bag in the passage of the Mehta house when Drishti spots the bag and thinks that Titli is already leaving the house so she can use her card.

Elsewhere, Titli is praying to god when she starts feeling dizzy when Garv appears and notices her, and helps her to sit down on a couch.

Just then, Garv is about to make her drink water with his own hands but suddenly he remembers that he’s not going to help her with her fast and tells Titli to drink the water on her own.

While Titli refuses to drink the water and says that she will not open her fast until Garv helps her and Garv leaves from there.

However, Dhara observes the whole communication between Titli and Garv which makes her feel sorry for Titli when her father arrives.

Dhara and her father try to comfort Titli while Titli expresses her feeling and says that it seems like Ankit has some personal issues with Garv.

Meanwhile, Dadaji arrived there recalling the Raval vs Johri case when he tells Titli that this case resembles her situation and that the file of this case can help her.

Further, Dhara’s father helps Titli in entering Lion’s den which is Manikant’s cabin, and tells her to go inside and find the file as soon as possible while he’ll take care of Manikant.

Titli is occupied searching for the file when she hears Manikant’s voice and hides behind a couch since Dhara’s father informs Manikant that he needs a law book.

However, Dhara enters the cabin and stops Manikant indirectly from reaching the couch, while Titli grabs a chance to escape from the cabin with the file.

Later, Dadaji helps her with the solution of Raval and Johri’s case and Monika joins them since she’s also in Titli’s team from the start.

Meanwhile, Hiral receives a call for an interview for a job and little did she know, the call is from Dhara’s father who is assisting Titli as she has come up with a new plan.

Elsewhere, Manikant receives a call which makes him very angry and he starts yelling Garv’s name when everyone appears including Garv.

Garv questions him when Manikant lashes out at him for withdrawing 10 lakhs from the company without even informing anyone when Garv reveals that he helped Paresh with the money since they were in need.

This makes Manikant angry and he tells everyone that he wants Titli to leave the house right now.

In the meantime, Titli tells the interviewer to do as instructed when Hiral reaches the location.

The interviewer informs Hiral that she needs to do a task for which she’ll get 5 lakhs with this job and the task is that she needs to steal a file from Garv’s office.

However, Hiral questions the reason behind this when the interviewer tells her that he needs to teach Garv a lesson and mentions that she only has 3 hours for this task.

Meanwhile, Hiral wonders if the interviewer is checking her loyalty and she replies that she is loyal to Mehta’s firm and cannot perform stealing and the interviewer warns her again about the task.

On the other hand, Koyal shouts Titli’s name when Titli rushes and spots her luggage while Titli protests against it as she still has 1 hour left.

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