Titli 20th July 2023 Written Update

Titli 20th July 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 20th July 2023 episode starts with Garv and Titli declared as husband and wife by Panditji as Garv puts vermilion on her forehead.

Maina clicks their photo and sends it to Koyal telling Manikant that he should have let Koyal come along but he shuns her.

A flashback is shown where Koyal tries to enter into the car when Manikant shouts at her to step back and asks Drishti to close the door as they leave her stranded.

Meanwhile, Titli gets emotional as she feels that her life is now fulfilled being a wife to Garv.

Panditji ask the couple to seek blessings from the elders when Jayshree embraces Titli with tears filled eyes.

Baa hugs her and explains that from now Titli has the sole responsibility of keeping her in-laws and husband happy.

Later, Manikant asks Garv to embrace him as he changed due to his wife when Garv steps back and reveals that he did not apologize to him as he is never wrong.

Vexed, Manikant shouts at him saying him to be selfish and egoistic and leave the event along with Maina and Dhristi.

Hiren comes to Paresh and assures him that they will take their Bahu home safely with them.

Meanwhile, Koyal overhears a maid making fun of the fact that she stayed back.

She bashes the maid and states that Manikant did not ask her to stay back deliberately as he wanted someone to be back home to arrange for post-marriage rituals.

Koyal weeps that she desperately wanted to attend her son Garv's wedding and watch the Pheras and that she will confront Manikant about his action.

Meanwhile, Garv asks Paresh and Jayshree not to worry as he will take care of Titlie forever.

Chintu brings in a Lord Krishna idol and gifts it to Titli saying that now she can have a friend to accompany her in her new house while Titli hugs her tight.

Later, Hiral apologizes to Titli asking her to forget all the bitterness they had and ties a bracelet around her hand to symbolize their sisterhood.

After this, Titli flings popped rice behind as it gets collected on Jayshree's saree and completes her Vidaai.

Jayshree and Titli hug crying out loud as they their hearts fill with sorrow while remembering all the happy moments they shared from childhood until now.

Later, Titli grabs a seat beside Garv in his car and they leave.

Meanwhile, Manikant angrily reaches back home and destroys all the arrangements which makes Koyal wonder if Titli created chaos again.

On the other hand, Titli covers her face with the veil mocking Garv that she wants to shield herself from his anger.

Garv pulls it up calling her Drama queen which reminds Titli of her mother and she gets despondent.

Seeing her sad, Garv asks her to get off the car while he gifts her a present of her family photo asking her to keep it beside her.

Titli gets elated but notices a blood stain on Garv's sleeve and asks him about it.

Garv gets stuffed and says that he is involved in a fight while Titli laughs saying that she knows it is tomato ketchup.

Later, it rains and the couple share a warm moment together dancing sensually while enjoying the rain.

Later they reach Mehta Mansion, where Koyal welcomes them with Aarti while she asks Garv what happened at the venue.

The couple stands still while Titli questions her back why she did not attend their marriage.

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