Titli 20th June 2023 Written Update

Titli 20th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 20th June 2023 episode starts with Titli and Garv encountering each other face to face, while Titlie solicitates him to conduct the meeting they had scheduled.

Garv enters the lift shunning her, while Titlie follows and says she was stuck in the traffic.

Garv shuns her and gives her time until they reach the ground floor to share her quotation.

Titlie jests him telling she would charge a whooping 15 lakhs, which wraths Garv while Titlie utters she wanted to make him laugh.

Garv shares that he is going to the court for hearing of his own case, raised against him while Titlie rounds off the topic stating she shall rather charge 2 lakhs for the arrangements.

Garv asks her to raise the quotation to 3 lakhs but not to compromise with arrangements and while she assures him her best service.

Meanwhile, the lift faults and waggles, making Titli trip over Garv and they lock eyes.

Later Titli  tries to open the lift via buttons while Garv stays back suffocating and they start to fight.

Soon, Titli realises that Garv is stifling and rushes to calm him, asking him to be positive and makes him close his eyes and wonder about him winning the case.

Firstly, reluctant Garv denies but later follows her instructions and calms down while the lift door opens positioning the machine lower than the ground floor.

Garv scolds the mechanic but Titlie shuns him saying that the lift is just a machine.

Later, Garv thinks to lift Titli to let her out but seeing her uncomfortable removes his coat and bends on his knees, asking her to climb up his shoulders.

Titlie hesitates thinking she will dirty his clothes, but gets over the lift while Garv helps himself out later.

Hiral comes running and asks Garv if he is okay while Garv tells even Titli was locked with him.

Garv instructs them that the work should be done properly and leaves.

Hiral scolds Titlie and asks her to work well as Garv has huge expectations with her while Titlie jests her being so concerned about him.

Later, Garv arrives at the court and apologises to his boss for being late while his boss states that Mr. Verma has filed a strong case against Garv for damaging his car and advices Garv to get himself a witness.

Meanwhile, Hiral and Titlie reach Garv's house while Koyal dashes against her maid, unfurling red rangoli colours onto the floor and gets angered to see Titli.

She grabs Titlie's arms and drags her our of the compound while Manikant stops her and confronts Titli about her identity.

Titli retorts saying Garv has hired her as the decorator while Koyal asks how Garv selected her but Manikant lets Titli go in to start her work.

Titli goes in leaving her footprints behind on the unfurled colours and asks the maid the way to washroom and leaves.

Later, Koyal and the maid observes the footprints while the maid states that it seems like new Bahu's Griha Pravesh which angers Koyal.

She makes her maid drink bittergourd juice in the kitchen and proclaims she will never let Garv marry some random girl like Titlie.

Later, when the return they are shocked to see Garv entering and leaving his footprints along Titli's side to which the maid says the fate has definately written their togetherness for lifetime.

Koyal bashes her maid and angrily washes off the footprints with water.

Meanwhile, Titli gets out of the washroom to find Garv changing his clothes and hides herself, scurrying out but Garv throws away his shirt which falls over her and she knocks with a toy bus.

Hearing the thud, Garv reverts and moves towards the unknown person and lifts over his shirt to peek in but is left awestruck seeing Titli there.

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