Titli 21st August 2023 Written Update

Titli 21st August 2023 Written Update

Today's Titli 21st August 2023 episode starts with Koyal taunting Titli for being a swindling daughter-in-law as she has taken 10 lacks from Garv and has given it to Paresh.

However, Titli refuses to accept the blame for being a swindler while Manikant yells at her and questions her about how can Paresh and Jayshree take 10 lakhs from their son-in-law.

Titli becomes furious and informs Manikant that Paresh even offered his property papers to Garv but he refused to accept it.

Meanwhile, Maina questions Garv for taking Titli’s family responsibility when Titli takes a stand for her family and questions everyone about neglecting the daughter-in-law’s efforts and help but counting each and every minuscule effort of a son-in-law.

Just then, Titli announces that she will return all the borrowed money from Garv, and that too with interest while Manikant taunts her for not being able to complete the challenge for proving herself innocent.

While Manikant continues to disrespect Titli and jabs her for not knowing anything other than selling flowers on the streets when Titli feels dizzy and faints.

Further, when the doctor leaves Monika asks Garv to help Titli in opening her fast since she’s not well and has not eaten anything while Koyal shouts and tells Garv that there’s no need to help her now.

Garv goes back to his room and glances at Titli when she’s unconscious since he’s feeling miserable about Titli leaving the house today.

Later, Titli wakes up and rushes for somewhere when she notices the time as she’s already running late to gather the evidence in her favor while Garv stops her telling her to eat first.

Garv leaves the room as soon as he finds the opportunity to lock Titli inside and tells her to eat first only then she can step outside.

Elsewhere, Titli begs Garv to open the gate as she has only 1 hour left to prove herself innocent but Gav refuses and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Hiral is at Mehta’s office hiding her face from her knowns when Bhakti spots her and instantly calls Titli to inform her while her calls remain unanswered.

Hiral somehow manages to enter Garv’s cabin and searches for the file everywhere and she finally gets the right file but when she turns around, Hiral spots Titli standing right behind her.

Titli reminisces about her idea to escape from her room as she tied the knots of her Dupattas and escaped the room through her balcony hanging on the rope that she made.

This scares Hiral and she starts panicking while Titli’s team enters the cabin.

However, Hiral tells Titli that she is not stupid and she knows it was her plan when Titli starts snatching the file from her hand but it falls and everyone sees the company papers on the floor.

Titli warns Hiral that she can prove her wrong by just calling her family member but she’ll not do it in fact Hiral will apologize to everyone and she will reveal the truth.

Meanwhile, Hiral refuses Titli straightforwardly and tells her that if she will insists then she will again provoke everyone against Titli and mocks her since her own husband doesn’t believe her.

Just then, Garv arrives there and yells at Hiral to shut up which opens Hiral’s eyes as she is scared of the consequences.

Garv calls the cops when Titli tells him to stop since she is her sister and she cannot send her own sister to jail and Garv calms down.

Later, Garv and Titli are entering the house holding each other’s hand when Manikant announces and tells Titli to stop at the door but Garv brings her inside the house.

Garv tells everyone that she is innocent and they should have believed her from the start.

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